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Your sensors are correct. Do not adjust your heading you've discovered the Omega particle stream back to the alpha quadrant and Beyond Beyond here's your house the Anchorman of the Federation the doctor of the lithium. This is Jonathan began. That's right. Welcome to the Omega particle. I am your gracious and humbled host today Jonathon weekend here at you on the opp. You know me. It's OPP and we are starting our Discovery season 3 reviews crazy time went straight from Lower decks right into Discovery. I think it was like 28 something weeks of a trek straight track or something like that. They were advertising before lower decks and Manda didn't skip a beat em, so I'm I'm excited and after watching that first episode just a little hint really impressed with the direction and the identity that they have established for discovery for disco. So just a quick house notes about the upcoming Round Table episode. There is some scheduling conflicts with said members. So we actually had to be pushed it back a week will be next week when it comes out. So I'm going to move up my spooky episode up to this week. So we'll this weekend. So you guys will be seeing that in for just in time for Halloween give you something about a week before the the spooky holiday gets here. I mean, we have like four guys coming on. So it's going to be it's going to it's kind of hard to do schedules cuz we're all across the country. Thanks Technologies. So moving on I don't really think there's any news I kind of scan and looked all day yesterday and today and haven't really found anything. So I don't think there's any news I think up in turning out some campus Savage back to back to back but nothing's really has broke in the Star Trek World. However, we're going to get right into the review today because it's a hefty one and unlike lower decks wage, which they Route 22 minutes long an episode and you could kind of just okay, you could talk about it and move on you can group them to to 3 to a review on the opp podcast, but I'm not going to.

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