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Kind of extending into while into two thousand seventeen in into this year they were also working on settling uh with the ftc on us on a i don't remember if it was the same databreach or different data breaches the when they were uh it were working with the new york attorney general on uh but anyway th th they apparently intentionally uh uh this is the kind of the the what's what's alleged in the article in some of the other things have read they they waited until after the ftc uh subtle that they reached a settlement with the ftc to disclose this particular breach so well i so let's backup in in just say that this came to light because the new ceo disclosed a corrected but then there's been some further reports since then that this that the ceo that see the new ceo actually sat on it for a while to thorough um oh although he hadn't the new ceo hadn't been there for i think you think he started in september so it wasn't a long time but present lakea yoon wasn't like he he no he learned i think if ara monday in reported on tuesday it was i think of how many think she's gotta get his arms are coming into a new company i yeah i i don't i don't disagree i i i actually think um he's probably wake nut he's probably getting an unfair shake because i it sounds like this that the company had a lot of ethical issues.

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