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I mean you you see things differently or experience. Gives you a different outlook. Yeah I mean I'd be hard pressed to give you one example where I've ever felt like I think as you get older. Maybe your role and maybe at twenty five. You don't think you've got to help a younger guy quite as much or or that kind of thing but it just shifts a little bit but I wouldn't say it ever feels like like job. I think those are just things that become a little bit more important just because of your position your aged experience that kind of thing and udopted and find a way to try to do it right. You have never stopped trying to make yourself better so this summer when and you did all your work what was the target. What was the goal to make better. I think just trying to trying to maintain speed. I mean that's the biggest thing that game so fast so the longer you can stay quick and fast you know I think that'll benefit me with with the game getting faster and but there's more time and effort that it takes every year to do that. It just based on age and that kind of thing so that's really what I try to do and I think you know as long as the speeds there then you know as far as making plays and executing that stuff that'll come but that's a pretty important thing especially as a Centerman. Just you know you're covering so much ice over the course of the game so you need to make sure that you're able to get there and make the place you. WanNa to make when you think back or look back. I don't know if you even do this. Go back to junior hockey. You're playing Rimouski Memorial Cup final against London if we just isolated for the entire game sidney crosby shift-by-shift how different with that player look to the player today. What have you changed. I it's funny because I think if you did that a lot of guys you wouldn't see that much change. I think like maybe a few things here and there the way you play like you might be a little more more where defensively things that you pick up over the course time but I think for most guys you'd see a pretty similar player junior as you do in the NHL. I mean what makes you successful. What gets you hear. Usually you rely on that over time but maybe subtle things have changed and I like to think you know experience variance whether it's my game defensively or staying in the moment a little more not getting this frustrated with opposing players or officials or that kind of thing. I think that stuff you develop but as far as your game you know what you're lying. I don't know if that changes a lot east to work a lot with Ryan Whitney one of your teammates who does now a great job drink has I haven't tried. I'm still waiting for my order. Come probably got a lot of orders. Though I remember work in the World Cup of Hockey with wit and Colby will be and the Canada game and you were spectacular and your parents were there and on the air with says he's the first line grinder or superstar grind You've heard that one before. How would you describe yourself like wits point was like he's a superstar but he has a work ethic of grinder? How would you describe yourself. Uh I'd say similar that I think the biggest thing for me just being able to continue to adapt and I like to think I'm a pretty good athlete like I think that I played a lot more grown up. I think that it's good to analyze things and you know it's going to be able to prepare and that kind of thing and have that discipline but ultimately out there that the game's pretty fluid. I mean things exchange a lot over the course of seasons the game changes gets faster the teams play and you have to be able to and I think that's something I rely on. A lot is just the ability to be able to adapt and you know whether it's playing differently in certain situations or improving something I rely on that so I think just being able to adopt as probably the biggest biggest strength. I need to be able to have sued there was about a week span this year after your season ended where there looked like there was a possibility that Malkin Malkin could be traded number one. What was your reaction to that and the second thing I'm curious about is. Do you ever call like Jim Rutherford and just ask you know what's going on my reaction to that honestly was. I've been through this before. I didn't like it. I didn't like it because it it brock back those memories you know so many times in that that window between like. Oh nine and sixteen where we fell short and the next few days is like uh this is going to happen you know and that's the consequences and the result of losing and I understand that I've been through it but I also know that that's also the way it is this and you wait for the dust to settle and to really evaluate things were there at and you know usually when you do that everything Kinda gets. It's a little more clear and you figure out what it is. You have to do and and understand kind of what situation you're in but I think as far as talking to Jim I don't. I don't really talk to Jim that often. I I mean he's great at getting a pulse on the on the group and then guys individually and we need to do that way but I just try to focus on plan. I mean that's that's the biggest thing and I haven't really been one to ever call. GM and say I need you know I need this. I think we need to do that They're there for a reason Sir job and I feel the most comfortable that way and if there's anything they needed opinion vote. I'm happy to share it but I'm not one to be knocking on the door. You know given my opinion about a lot of things and you know the whole Gino thing. I think that's that's part of losing and you understand that. There's always different different possibilities different outcomes that come with that but you know. I'm happy to know that is back great player great interview said thanks for your time today really generous. Thanks thank thank you well. We're nearing the best time of the year puck drop. It's also the time to pull your gear out of the basement and work off the summer rust and.

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