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Did i hear that sometimes you were responsible for getting richard and dale and then to the airport after races and you were sort of the getaway driver figured out how to get the king near the the plane yeah well you know and i'm not the only one you know there's some guys jet addison probably cutting twenty thousand more stores jets got a few but but yeah yeah that definitely the ones that are most memorable is when you got richard and kyle in the car at the same time and so my my one that i tell a lot is we're leaving pocono and you know you come out of the tunnel and you can go left or right and i think we're going to wilkes barre and so me and kyle we used to have a thing where on saturday afternoon after practice we would go and just get rental car and we would just drive some background and you know and you know what kyle at the charity right he loves planning a route and so we had our paper maps and we'd spend two hours driving back and forth to an airport on saturday afternoon just to find the quickest way nobody knew how to get somewhere so me and kyle had planned out this right from pocono back to wilkes barre on saturday afternoon and so i'm driving k gave calma paper cows go navigate i think richard was sitting right in between us in the front seat of some bench see cadillac or something and so we're driving through the tunnel and i'm like in the right lane and richard just points left and insulin like oh man this in the way you know and in college like no no no no we're gonna go right king just points left doesn't say a word you know kyle and he's.

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