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Kevin spacey has done it's hard to separate as joy meant of watching that work in and seeing that person on the screen however if somebody directed something is not seeing on the screen it might be easier to make that separation and not let it bother you without giving you the perception that your endorsing something but i have a hard time watching mel gibson rank movies because of the the the very vocal tirade racist creighton it in its true and i i think i would have our time with that too and i think with the hitchcock movies it may be very difficult for me to watch movies with tippi hedren mom like the birds which has always been one of my favorite part because you know it was in bodega bay um so in part because she was the victim i think it would be hard for me not to be focusing on that but truly does the work deserve the death penalty and i i'm asking this question quite sincerely if you're appreciating the work are you rewarding the individual and you not rewarding they're bad behaviour i know but are you still in some capacity rewarding them if you continue to appreciate the work that they were responsible for eighty eighty a tennis the telephone number eight o a a ten lazaga terry terry is calling from forest fell hey welcome to kogo good morning when you know i wanna go back just a little bit and and asked the question where is due process in all of this to mean before this really broken the entertainment industry there were stories about the college students who were uh placed on that can make suspension or even expelled because of allegations i'm not thing allegations may not be true but but why are we waiting until these things are investigated wire universities you know immediately taking action on a students until they they've seen whether these things are really the case you're in law and i don't know in the entertainment industry whether that's being done or not but just seems like immediately where where uh placing a passing judgment on these people and taking extreme measures well i'll tell you there's there's a couple of things.

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