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Guy owns football is back. So is Rich Ackerman alright, the cult's almost midway through the fourth quarter, nursing a four point lead. Trying to add to it here. Let's see if they could do it. And here is Adam spilling with more. And which the Colts are in the red Zone. Jonathan Taylor with a couple of nice runs to get them there, but it is now a 3rd and 13 coming up for Indianapolis, a zoo. They try to attack least get a seven point lead here, but obviously they can make this a two profession game. They have the ball at the Texas 17 yard line. They're going to go to a screen and it's to Michael Pittman and Pittman will get close. They will be brought down. About a yard and a half shy of the first down marker. So it'll be 1/4 down in about 1.5 for the cold, just outside the five yard line, and it looks like Indianapolis is going to keep the offense out on the field. Now, the last time I was with you, you asked about branding cooks. It looked like he was down and baked. Texans are evaluating him for a concussion. He was in the medical tent for about five minutes, and then he jogged off to the locker room. So you brought up the history of Brandon Cook, and he is being evaluated the colt go for it on fourth down, they run it up the middle and 19 behind is Is tackled for a loss on the play. So the Texans defense hold 6 45 left to play and this still is a four point game between the Texans and the Colts. All right, thank you very much. So it's been a good one there and the Texans take over down by force or big stop to keep them in this one. Let's go to David Shuster in Chicago, the Bears defense playing a big role here late and they are nursing a 10 point lead here is David all right, rich, and this one is pretty close to being In the bag, the bears leading by 10, 30 to 25 a half minutes to go here and regulation. They do have the ball facing a third and five there right at about midfield. One were first down, and unfortunately for the Bears to biscuit is going to get sex on the Lions will happen at least one more chance in this game, Matthew Stafford over all having a good productive day numbers wise. 21 of 35 306 years in a couple of touchdown passes, but unfortunately, I'm one of the recent possessions he turned the ball over, throwing an interception with the defensive lineman allowed Nichols picking off a swing pass for the Bears. Re rushing touchdowns on the day to buy David Montgomery one by court Daryl Patterson couple of Mrs Extra points. Also in this game. So again about five minutes to go here in regulation, the Lions are going to get the ball here in just a matter of moments. They trail 30 to 20. Thank you, David to Brant Douglas in Tennessee. Last we left you they were trying to figure out whether that that was a catch on fourth down Here's Brandt with more It was a catch. But then on the very next play, Adam Humphreys had the ball jarred out of his hand, and Cleveland picked it off and ran it back to about the 40 yard line for an interception. It's the Titans third turnover of the game coming into today. They only had five turnovers all season. But then the Browns went three and out the Titans get the ball back on a third and short and Ryan Tannehill is sacked. And so the Titans are forced to punt as well. And so the two teams exchanging punches. Cleveland right now, giving the ball back and they just need to sustain drive that they can have a good sustained drive. Take 45 minutes off the clock that I think they'll pretty much salt. This one away. Tennessee does have a very, very explosive offense as we saw in the first six minutes of the second half when they scored a pair of touchdowns. But since then, things have been settling down. Baker Mayfield, 23 of 31 4 321 yards passing and four touchdowns. Ryan Tannehill's numbers picking up quite a bit in the second half. He's 17 of 28 for 283 Yards, a pair of touchdowns and the one interception. Another statistic of note third down conversions. The Titans. Just one of seven Cleveland eight of 12, and most of those were in the first half, but they were able to convert. We're at 12 48 left to go on the fourth. It's still Cleveland 41. The Titans 21 s 03 touchdown game right there and the Browns right now pinned deep in their own end. Let's go to Jack Arm Priester in Miami. Where another three is on the board for the Dolphins told 19 to go here in the fourth quarter. Miami's extended its lead there. Now up by 12 19 7. Jason Sands has been very busy for the Dolphins. Today's had four field goals four for four on the afternoon. 1923 25 48 yards. That third quarter from Miami was very productive on there, and they had total yardage in that third quarter of 181. Cincinnati minus four. It's not going well for the Bengals here In the second half moments ago, Jonah Williams offensive lineman was carted off with a leg injury. I think the heat is getting to the Bengal players, as there have been many timeouts for for injury on the afternoon. To a ton of alone. 25 37 between 78 yards one touchdown, the five yard or two, um Mike the Seki as the Dolphins get the punch, and they will. No doubt there looks appears to be a penalty. Probably illegal block in the back is there's always the case in the second half. I mean, sorry in the third quarter ton of a little with 167 yards passing, so whatever, Brian Flores said to his defense and his offense work because it's a different team out here, 11 54 to go here in the fourth quarter. Miami on top by 12 19 to 7. Okay, let's head to Mike Mancuso, where a very big potential draft development taking place right now as we touch base with Mike at MetLife Stadium, Mike all right, rich 5 23 remaining in the fourth quarter. Now listen very carefully. The Jets lied. They lied. The Raiders 28 2 24 full credit. Sam Donald, who had long stretched the suffering in this game, he just his will..

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