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Of course focus to see what president trump the relationship with president putin of russia also what happens in terms of north korea but he made the point of what's really really crucial in this meeting is why what comes out in terms of china that relationship where does china kind of land on all of this china can be very instrumental because we know of the relationship business economic trading relationship that it has with north korea so i really think that there's some very big global stories going on right now that could set the tone for us for a while in terms of how plays that joe absolutely yesterday speak of ian bremmer shameless plug he's going to be on the way today every thirty so we could dive deeper into that question that you're just broad thank you but you know we talked about china yesterday we were talking to stephen roach of course who is a very big china bowl well known but you're just saying like china is disinclined to see obviously the a us imagines that sort of of course would be logical for china just apply some economic pressure to north korea on this question and china's disinclined to see things that way he said he was just in china said that when you're there people talk about so much trade humanitarian assist since fundamentally different way of perceiving the issue and it doesn't seem like anyone has found a way to bridge that obviously president trump thought maybe xi jinping would be more of a partner in this project but it just hasn't happened so far one wonders what's gonna come out of this this you know the twenty things usually any degree was leaked out wellknown advance because the it takes summits for free negotiation to get these things to the table and and more likely this event will be one where the the the principles for begins a new relationship since implants as opposed to execute on them they're definitely seems it does not you never know but it does it seem like there is about to be some imminent diplomatic breakthrough anywhere and they were reminded tomorrow then of course you've got the monthly jobs report like amid all of racist at the best day of the month it is like a party for economists nobody comes back to right nato uh and and daddy like the focus let's get on the us absolutely i mean obviously.

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