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There you go. Problem is is he called this morning actually texted me this morning and said, Hey, call me when you can. That's never a good thing. Right, Dave. You get a message like that? Hey, call me when you can. There's like something in those words that indicates crises and He had a fever yesterday wasn't feeling well was feeling tired and pretty much that sums it up right there. I don't know what more we can say, because it's probably too risky, you know. As I said, I wasn't crazy about being on airplanes certainly wasn't crazy about wearing a mask. But we're all just walking on eggshells again. Afraid of everything. And you know, I'm just trying to make the smartest decision. I would love to go. But It's just not gonna happen. So that's that's a bummer. I'm gonna still take off tomorrow Monday, and from this point out in 2020 I was listening to something this morning and somebody mentioned a mean that they had seen I haven't seen this one yet. Involving. I think it was Christopher Lloyd from back to the future and the You know the little dialogue bubble said anything but 2020 press anything but 2020. You do not want to go there. And I think we can all certainly agree with that. Let me talk. So, Yeah, I'm in a bad mood, but that's pretty typical. Right Climb. You're used to that. I'm very much used to it. It's okay. We'll try and cheer you up today. Mark. It's okay. Well, this is a really, really good story. It's a heroic story. I'm gonna share. It's a heartbreaking sir, I think many of you may have seen a little bit on this. These two guys who did not know each other at all before last week when an apartment building in Phoenix actually just really one apartment in this complex caught fire, and you know, there was a big save that was caught on video. That seemed like it was out of a movie rather than real life, John Sex and wrote about this on hot air Today, There's been a lot of coverage of what these two guys did. So basically, let me give you a background place from cuts here as a teenager. A decade ago at Kalamazoo Central High School in Michigan. Philip Blanks was a star football player, and he's the guy that used his athletic instincts to help save a toddler from this department fire. But there's another part of this, that sort of and I missed this part. The mom died. The mom did not make it. So this guy blanks. He's 28. He's a retired U. S. Marine. He was at a friend's apartment in Phoenix on Friday morning. And I hear screaming and commotion. He runs outside. He sees the top floor of this apartment conflicts of blaze and you know there's smoke everywhere. So he looks up. He sees the woman on the first floor, third floor balcony with the child. There's flames and people are yelling for the lady to throw the kid down. I think you might hear some of that here in the audio. This is Mr Blanks. And Dave. I think we have the cut Me just double check here because I know that Fred sent this to me. Of him describing what happened. So let's see if we can go, Teo, that first cut and he sort of tells the story. I shared some of it with you. Here it is in Mr Blank. Onwards. I ran outside barefoot ran down three flights of steps. And when I got to the bottom of the steps, I assess the situation looks my rice and fire was in the building. I just had tunnel vision on the patio and When the boy got thrown off the balcony. It was just mean and he was twirling in the air. Unlike the killer, his head landed in my elbow. Honestly, thing was, it wasn't much thinking. I just reacted father. She is the real hero story as she made Artemus sacrificed in the Gingrich Children now. Yeah. So you know, that's the that's the real tragic part of the story that the 30 year old mother did not survive, so she drops her toddler son to safety. She goes back inside. There's an eight year old daughter who's still in the apartment, and then she succumbs to smoke. So then there's another story, and this is one of the reasons I wanted to share it because I had not heard about this. There's a 42 year old guy. The Ark in on and I kept Boy That's a tough the art gin on D A R T a G N e and we'll just be archon Alexander. He's a barber. He's passing by on his way to do some shopping. So he hears that there's kids inside. He runs up the stairs into that third floor apartment. So this is sort of all this is happening at the same time he hears someone screamed for help. And he finds the girl remember. I just mentioned the eight year old girl. It's the sibling of the boy who had been dropped off the balcony and he carries her outside. So you have Chaos. You know, you saw the video, probably of this happening in the catch, Which was just amazing is a great TV moment. Obviously, you probably had not heard about Mr Alexander the Barbara what he had done. And all these police and firefighters. They're outside and they're trying to figure out what happened. These two guys, Mr Alexander in Mr Blanks never met. They didn't meet that day. They learned about the other because the media coverage and from people that were buzzing on the scene they wanted to meet. So they got it. So I guess it was. Mr Blanks have got Alexander's phone number from reporter text, Teo. You know them, and they exchange messages they met. With the father of the two Children that they rescued. Quarry long was at work when that fire happened, and There was a story that was written about all this. And Mr Long did not want to be interviewed. But there is a photo that accompanies this story with his arm around Mr Blanks and Mr Alexander and He said of that encounter, Mr Blank said. We became family. All three of us. Now, here's John Sex and point this out in his piece on hot air. And this is one of the reasons I wanted to start with this deception is a racial element to this story. Interestingly enough, that.

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