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Benny Snell hundred and forty four yards two touchdowns in route to becoming Kentucky's all time leading rusher. The Wildcats won their tenth game of the season in the VR. B O Citrus Bowl over Penn State Marcus is a special player Kentucky had a special season. But Georgia's awesome Florida's getting better Tennessee's getting better can the Wildcats. Hang with these top level teams in the SEC now moving forward. I don't think they have enough speed to continue. Chris you look at the coaching changes. That was made you look at Florida. It was a four and eight football team. They want ten games this year, we know Kerber smarter than going into where we just saw where he ranked in the recruiting Tennessee. I'm still on the fence about Tennessee. Jim report is going to do that program where he can take them in the future. Kentucky was good this year. They were senior lead. They had they have some guys that are going to be successful in the next level. I don't know how much you recycled it and the university of Kentucky now with all of that being said, I want to take no credit away from March tubes. He did a tremendous job. He's bringing this program into a part of a light that they haven't been in a while. There is a bit of consistency there in this program. The problem for Mark stoops is the people in his own division and the people in his own division or going to take leaps and bounds. As far as getting players as far as how they develop them. Then Kentucky will unfortunately. Because I love what they did this year. They made the most of these guys being veterans. It was really fun to watch. But this was a team that Mark stoops has been waiting for for the last four years. You mentioned they are senior late, and they are a lot of these guys underrated prospects that kind of blossomed in grew and started for four years. So they cashed in on their opportu. They won. Ten games. Congratulations. But it's going to be difficult to sustain at least in the short term. They went to the Juku route. We'll see how it does just can't envision a scenario, which they get the double digit wins again next year their fan base. Can't take the cheese that this will be the way it will always be Kentucky is like most mid level programs that they'll play well. And then once in a while when they have thirteen seniors starting which Kentucky does plus Benny snows junior that they will be in a position to be able to make a run. But then they'll come back down to quite good. But don't expect him wins every year. If fan base is let's be honest is waiting to get interrupted Rita. They're waiting in line right now to get into the next balance? You don't say. Don't say that. Football team. Enjoy their football in Lexington. They live for basketball. We've got more football Saturday noon on ESPN to the national championship game eastern, Washington. Taking on the bison from North Dakota state. It's ESPN two also on the ESPN app at noon. Let's take a look at our progressive bowl Challenge Cup conference USA as wrapped up the best record for the fourth time tied with the most the mountain west dating back to two thousand and SU one chance left in the.

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