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The county sheriff's office the Ross township Morgan township in Colerain township police departments as well officials in northern Kentucky university saying incoming freshmen who made a controversial social media posts will still be accepted this fall in an Instagram post that featuring K. U. student use the hash tag white lives matter more university president as she's by DHEA called the post horrifying and demeaning but he said the first amendment protected as free speech there was an out there was an online petition asking the school to revoke that student's submission which received thousands of signatures but in case you will be adopting diversity equity and inclusive inclusion goals in the fall and ideas said that he has also met with black faculty students and alum to talk about their campus experiences as demonstrators across the US have been calling for police reform many are looking at Camden New Jersey as a possible model on how to do it right Camden New Jersey just across the Delaware River from Philadelphia was once one of the most dangerous cities in the US but since the city dismantled its police force and rebuilt it in twenty thirteen Camden has seen a forty two percent reduction in crime and claims of excessive force have dropped as well captain's Akeem James says attitude is a big part of that change for the whole force is dedicated to community policing he says officers are encouraged to walk their beats and get out of the patrol car more often Margaret Millar ABC news the Major League Baseball Players Association has rejected the latest proposal from the lake to start the twenty twenty season and they have no plans to make a counter offer the league's owners had offered a seventy two game schedule with eighty percent of players is pro rated salaries ESPN reports that the players union sent a letter back to owners is saying if they're going to impose a season just inform the players want to report adding it's unfair to leave players and the fans hanging at this point.

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