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So they executed ninety nine yards with ten men on the field. 'cause Tony's a single setback on this play. There's no bra was supposed to block for it because they're stuck. It's going to be a short yardage Brown. The goal line trying to get one yard to yards. And all of a sudden Tony slip through Tony has quite an advantage over Derrick Henry, Tony one of the fastest at work. Seriously, had rare world class speed. I saw him race and people remember Doug Donnelly, white lightning. He challenged one time to forty before practice, and Tony just a Nyalali. Tony superstars remember, they used to have that on our competition come up with ABC. Got a so Joe Frazier drought swimming. But I remember that. But anyways, give for him to do this Derrick Henry ninety nine yards. That's a lot. But to maintain your balance because he's really close to the sideline and to edgy. Boy. You really never, and you know, this about their Henry, you gotta go low because if you go up high he's gonna step on you, go hitching your faith. You'll hit your chest. And he's gonna push you off and he kept going. So this was an unbelievable run. I got upset with the Jags. Because as you mentioned the kept him out of it. Whether it started with John Lewis because they're now let the on get I'm good because like. Go missing my average right now to like nineteen dollars of care. I don't wanna miss it. My everyone look two yard touchdown run. Although it would be nice to have five rushing. Touchdown. Yeah. You won't kill my average. Do it. Somehow coach talked him into going back in they stuff him. They say celebrate. I'm like doing do you realize he's still has nights seventeen cares for two thirty eight tenths down. And you celebrate like six or seven year old. They got everything expected procurement from Santa Claus breaking. Yeah. They won the Super Bowl. I can't believe you guys. This was a number leave their you know in high school. He only had one game. And we were one hundred yards all rest of the game between two hundred and five hundred. Wow. So he gave like this before. But you until about man among boy, he was grew out of a exact same size and high school is changed. We're going to remember that one. It was it was cool to see what about this one though, the Raymond's defense they shut down Patrick Mahomes. Go here, we go shaking his head. Time for our final topic of the day. The chiefs host the ravens on Sunday. Kansas City leads the league at thirty seven points per game. All the ravens are giving up the fewest in the NFL ravens defensive coordinator. Wink, Martindale said yesterday that tyreek hill is the fastest human being. He has ever seen wear a helmet and added the chiefs offense can quote slaughter you, Shannon. Do you? Give Baltimore any shots. I think the week mart Markdale need to go into politics because he can tell them what his faith and not bad a nice. But I will agree. Tyreek hill is one of the fastest me and I've ever seen in but also skipping. Yeah. Can they win? Sure they can win. They can shorten the game got a great running attack. Lamar Jackson can run the football. The question is can they get to a high enough point total? Lamar Jackson has yet to throw for at least one hundred eighty are than a football game. So I believe Kim City Chiefs jump chiefs jump early and force them to play the game. They don't wanna play which is throw the football in order to play catch up can they win. Yes. I don't believe they will win win by at least fourteen points, and I got wink Martindale team. Okay. All of you do about day in Baltimore. I don't do this. I'm way out on the limb on this one way out there, but you sound so Baltimore is number one in the NFL in yards allowed and in points allowed, and they have just the kind of veteran nasty defense that can cause your guy your homeboy moms boy some problems, and I think they will cause them some problems..

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