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Scored twice you on the game. And yet you sound like this in terms bumped hard keep your job came up a little bit short. So when it's official and your fishery out it stinks. We'll see in the second intermission with a dog. He's leading three one someone walked into the clubhouse and said, guess what? Guys, the avalanche just one. They got an all they needed was a point. And the doggies were mathematically eliminated that seven straight years without a white out. All. We just wanted to see the grown men in wedding dresses banging on the glass. More time too much buddy here. So there there you go develops home opener four o'clock today downtown against the Saux Boston's Antonia they won four World Series in fifteen years. We're not talking about that. We're talking about just lost three out of four and Oakland told a wife that one the Beantown native other two and six were start for defending World Series champ since the Marlins in ninety eight so that'll be four o'clock over on ESPN six twenty a m and then Devon Booker is up for the season with the ankle. And the cardinals had a couple of top draft prospects in town, reportedly, Nick and Quinton Williams and reports now say Josh Rosen will report for the workout starting Monday. What does that mean that sportsbook KTAR news all ridiculousness you've been hyping for the last two months ago? Don't believe anything out there. Just yet unless you're the raiders and you wanna trade four first round pick stop. Up your phone. Stop zip it, buddy. Here's a detour Dan in the valley Chevy dealers traffic center. All right. Let's get very much left to the riot era. You guys keep going actually that was pretty good eastbound one at six seven avenue a wreck off, right? Another one off right on the win one at Tatum. And then westbound sixty Ernie in a wreck in the clearing stages off left against the median wealth. It's the service streets that are causing you problems now Broadway at twenty seven th avenue. A crash McDowell and sixty eighth street Iraq and police activity has Scottsdale road restricted north and southbound at curry and again between college and McCallum so two separate locations for police activity in that stop Scottsdale road with McClintock. That's the sure thing McClintock opened in both directions. You still have a twenty minute ride southbound seventeen Peoria to the I ten split. But I got the master fork, I'm sticking it in the west night free weights. They are done. This traffic report brought to you by turnstile consignment birthday bash sale, shelter pets are amazing pets and the.

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