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Mike brought up and up to me. We didn't even really mention it there. The injuries for some of the players and really only significant injuries Nikita associated cough and Eric fully both with concussions. I know fully has participated in off ice training, social cough from what I understand the last time. We got an update from Mike Yeo was no improvement at all. So that's tough one being a concussion. Joey, you're familiar with these two I think that's his third concussion in his career. Not good. Not not a good thing. Yeah. So it's a waiting game and not only are the symptoms. Take you take you back to the David perran concussion that kept him out an entire season and beyond. Yeah. The symptoms are tortures. And you just you don't know there's no way to predict when they will go away win those symptoms will go away. So obviously, we'll keep you posted on any updates with those two injured players. The other one's Robby Fabbri just the groin strain. Joey mentioned day to day. We'll find out if he'll be in the lineup on Thursday. We'll see if he's practicing on Wednesday. And then you've got Karl gunnison who has been skating with the team throughout training camp. It's just a matter of when he's ready to play and curbs mentioned this at at the last game, basically the last couple of preseason games. You're just holding your breath and crossing your fingers that no one gets hurt. Obviously. I mean, the Boston Bruins, Tori, crew go down. He's nine for three pair with the Anaheim, ducks Harry's out for six months. That's that's a huge hit to that team. I mean, you take Corey Perry, regardless if it was a down year for him last year, you're taking a you're basically. Taking a Tarasenko out of your lineup in. I wasn't sure I felt about Mike yo not dressing the the master lineup on on Sunday versa. Washington capitals. I never really seen that before and in curtain curves was telling by I think we're going to see a bunch of call ups and much young guys. Mike no way last preseason game. Mike wants to get the boys locked in. Absolutely not. But then he was right. A lot of call ups. There's a lot of young guys in lineup. And I I can only expect it moving forward next preseason. You're going to start seeing this more and more and more. Because listen, these guys are professionals. I don't know if they really need a lot of preseason games. I think it's going to be something that in this next CBA. They're gonna really start putting some wrinkles in this preseason trying to figure out because the the biggest thing is there's just too many injuries to may star players. All right. So I mentioned it. I think the blues roster, and this is the key phrase on paper not cystic not what they did last year. If you were to write down four lines three lines of defensemen to goaltenders. The blues have the deepest roster in the Western Conference. And I sat there and looked through these last night. Top three lines in terms of forwards. Yes, there are some really good teams out there like the Nashville predators. You look at the Dallas Stars. This season include the four five on this one. The skill of Robert Thomas and Jordan Cairo. If these air in a Sammy Blair and Ivan barbershop, plus the two guys that could potentially be sitting on the bench. I don't think there's a team that's deeper than them. Winnipeg Jets fourth line. I think is better. You wanna Winnipeg Jets? Wait, where are you going with that one? You wanna bet you wanna Winnipeg Jets? He's got puns too. Sure, you're going to you. Spending time together got deer in the headlights..

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