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From the 30356 for the Detroit coach. Clip was freaking awesome. I needed that. Yeah, from the three or 3947 Talk about Gary Kubiak and Philip Rivers Retiring. Thanks. Yes, all day yesterday. Koop's is gonna retire from the NFL. You think it's because he's not feeling great? Are that he's just I don't know. I'm not. I have not have not talked to him in quite a while. He's only 59 seems a little young. True. True he was retiring before right. They could. Then he retired because of what you said. When we collapsed on the sideline and That he went back. He was the play caller for the Vikings. I find it unless there's something else and again. This is pure speculation on my part, but I find it hard to believe unless he's got something physically going on that if 59 Gary Kubiak is done With football at some level I I just think that's hard for me to buy into Yeah, it's very demanding job. So Yeah, being a coach in the NFL, and do you believe he'll be in the ring of Fame? Super Bowl winning coach. Long time back up here, much beloved. Back up to John Elway. Um gosh, That is a really good question. I had not thought about that at all. I would think he'll get consideration. I would think to. I mean, I'm on the committee. Have to, you know, look at the entire body of work. You mean he's been involved in some of the bigger some of the biggest moments in Broncos history? S Oh, yeah, I think he would get. I think you get a lot of consideration for the ring of fame. So he was backup quarterback in all of those Super bowls that they lost with John Elway. Nine years. He was put back up quarterback, and then he was, I believe the offensive coordinator In the ones they won without. That is correct. So, yeah, I would think that's a pretty good resume right there. In Broncos history. Well, he mean, he wouldn't get in on the back of quarterback argument that would not be sufficient to get into the ring fame, but it does speak to his longevity. On importance in the organization. I don't think he'd get in. On the offensive coordinator for the two Super Bowl wins Super Bowl 32 33. In and of itself. But then he was the head coach of the team that won Super Bowl 50. So when you compile all of that together I think it's I think it's worth having the discussion. We call that body of work, Dave, his body of work nicely done. When you look at it all. I think he would. He's in the discussion. That's a good way to put it. Good dude, too. Yep. They're evidently has been a crash and I 25 near Loveland. We have no details on that. Let's see if we can find out more with somebody that texted us about that asking will. It was saying that was taking five hours to clean it up it Zob Vesely, a big crash, but we don't know. Too many of the details about that in a texture, asking if we're going to talk about Hank here, and we did at the top of the show. We are aware that he passed away at 86 Yeah, Hall of Fame legendary baseball player. They just showed that clip. On ESPN and hear of him circling the bases, and it was two guys. That were kind of chased him down right about between shortstop and third base. They weren't chasing him down to a cost him. They just wanted to celebrate with him, But But you couldn't mean that just speaks to the different time that That happened, right? You couldn't do that mean you holy cow. You know, Security's a lot on rightfully so a lot higher these days. It was dangerous, just jump out of the stands and say We're going to go try to round the bases with Hammer and Hank and that was the era when people which streak games, naked guys would jump on the field run across the field. I don't know. Seven. It just would run and jump out of the stands. Come out of the stand naked. Yeah, was the thing was a surprise you somebody would go naked down the street? No, not at all, because I've never had that before. That seems disgusting that anyone would ever do that. Anybody can depends on who it is. But why would anybody G not something that Rick and I would consider doing it for obvious reasons. I don't think anybody really needs to see us. Nobody would want to see that. Nobody wants that. Nobody needs that. Nobody wants to see Nobody's asking for that. Streaking. What depends on what man I'm speaking strictly of you and me. I think you could say that about 99% of the men. Oh, I think there's some men that the be a lot of people that would say Hell, yes, Yeah, There's a few out there. Female and male. Yeah, but women. It was the guy that play Who's the big? What's that dude's name? George Clooney. Don't think I think George is you know George is an attractive guy for sure. But I think he's past his prime in terms of streaking naked now the rock You know, he might be.

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