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The last twenty four to forty hours so this whole issue is now swirling around maria herrera joel del bosque got him he will vote evil vote in favor of temperance flat andrew ball done deal joe byrne donedeal dan curtain were ninety to ninety five percent certain he will vote for it katherine cake no way the the chairman armando content no way the vice chair carol baker from sacramento no way maria harare that's this is just where the whole thing centers right now so now you know who they are now you know absolutely who they are and we need five of the eight gotta have five of the eight that's just the way the cookie crumbles on this deal and we will know shortly because things are moving so so fast and that's how it stands coming up we've got a couple of guests we're going to be acting with for a brief moment here up in sacramento and we will let them enter and sign in after we break for news on km jane with that news update here is list car thank you ray the california man accused of being the original night stalker is made a brief court appearance but did not enter a plea jim rupe has more seventy two year old joseph di angelo accused of a dozen murders and rapes across california in the seventies and eighties he was wheeled into the courtroom looking frail and confused but for years terrorized the entire state prompting many to feel the need to be in the courtroom happy that the boogeyman israel angelo's public defender filed a motion regarding a search warrant the prosecution filed a counter motion the judge has he'll decide on both thursday iowa lawmakers have passed what could be the most restrictive abortion legislation in the country republican state representative sandy salmon was among those supporting the law this bill we make iowa are one of the safest places for the baby in the womb in the entire nation the socalled heartbeat bill would effectively ban most abortions after six weeks of pregnancy over to wall street the dow currently up twenty eight points it's eleven thirty am j valley weather right now sunny and sixty seven at radio city today partly sunny gorgeous outside a high of seventy tonight partly cloudy low of fifty.

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