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Upside down the block he goes puts it up. No, good rebound by pleasant. Sloppy shooting here by New Orleans getting a bit careless. Dangles throws the ball away baseline talk about careless that was a nuclear lose. And the Orleans get back the impressive thing about Abilene Christian defensively. Is you just it on the last sequence? They get into position. They don't even foul very often because they're in such perfect position defensively. I want a great alleyoop with have there. But people moving their feet. They're just making unco do things they're not accustomed to doing forty four thirty to Abilene Christian with the lead New Orleans with a peach. Great. Passes up top to Roseau. Rosa takes a cut to the right side. Picks up the dribble needs to Pete place. Saas top of the key spinning dotted line shoots and hits at a foul is called as well. He'll get to live or a chance at old fashioned three point. Glad to figure foul was coming. They don't foul such good position. But that was a great play by play phone. Forty four to thirty four ten point lead play SaaS can cut it to nine. Junior forward from Marrero Louisiana hometown of Ed Reed. Sure, isn't it? Yup. Thinking about doing football once in awhile. Yes. I do. A few of his game. Yeah. College. Oh, that's right. A few as an opponent of the Texans. I don't how many has a Texan one or two. Showed up. Reggie wait also from. Yep. Louisiana, by the way. Mrs the free throw forty four to thirty four ten point lead Abilene Christian. They have the ball clad in white New Orleans and blue. Sixteen and a half to go second half years Lois right baseline marked by gates Lewis. Backing and backing interning from the block and puts it up and gets the role. What else could do gateway.

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