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Out of that. You should bring up absolutely you. Kidding goes on the resume who we couldn't and that stuff matters. You get the bring the ladder out from behind the scenes and let the kids cut down the net. If you find yourself in that position that would be too funny. I think you should try it. I mean it's it's worth the effort. I don't know i would enjoy joining us on a win. The opener ladder. Is that what you're suggesting. Yeah absolutely absolutely. I think it'd be great. You gotta listen dutch. What i've learned here watching all these other sports leagues all across the world. Play for the last eight months is there is something to you gotta manufacture your own energy at some point here you know in the absence of fourteen thousand four hundred and fourteen inside of us. I'm sure you've already thought about it. You do have to manufacture a little bit of that energy and excitement yourself. Yeah we're actually gonna try out crowd noise today. I think today or tomorrow when we're playing if we liked to play with the manufactured crowd noise so we're going to give that a go and see what that sounds like. I like that idea house. The rest of the non conference schedule looking. How many games do you do. You wanna play. How many do you have lined up to play. We get seven games in the non conference because of the pandemic. And we've got some good ones lined up Arizona state byu ucla irvine. We're still trying to finalize a a series of saint. Mary's we don't have the contract and that don yet but that's as good a not conference competition is we've ever played and so we're excited by that then we'll piece in a couple more games Based on how the conference schedule comes out. We still don't ever conference schedule. The head coaches way back when we started talking. So let's just play a traditional schedule Two weeks later that evolved into well. Let's play a par a pod somewhere trying to get half the season in a pot and then play regional opponents that went by the wayside and now the latest Thing that we're gonna do is play back to back the same opponent either on the road or at home so if we go to utah state. We'll play utah state on thursday and then we'll play him again on saturday at utah state and come home with the same team for two games so it's not ideal but it it sits to what the environment is.

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