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The show goes behind them tracks their success enhancing, the keys to what's work. Let's dive in. Hey, guys Ryan here. And as you have heard me say about a thousand times, I'm getting tired of say in it. But now I sold a company in two thousand seventeen for an eight figure check which was great. But at the end of the day, all I really care about is passive income. So that's why I'm in this game. And that's why one of the first things I did when I sold the company was I call it. My friends over at income store and said, hey, I want to buy some income producing websites. And the reason I did that is because buying websites has some really strategic tax benefits. It also has a very attractive our ally, and they can go up in value. So I called my good friends at income store in order to see where I could park some of this cash or tax efficiency or upside and for passive cash flow. I would do this. My own if I had the capacity to do so, but their management team that will automate the process for you. So I use them in order to make it truly passive for me. Again. I love this stuff. So I would do it on my own. If I didn't know the good folks over there, and if I had nothing else going on in my life, but it's a really interesting vehicle that I think more people should consider. I've had Ken the founder here on the podcast. You can search freedom Faslane income store in want to find that episode or you could just go to income store dot com and see more about what they do..

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