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E R News. I'm Jack's fear. Health officials in the Pacific Northwest are warning that air quality continues to deteriorate due to the ongoing wildfires. There. NPR's Kirk Siegel reports, much of the regions forced to stay indoors and during 1/4 straight day of hazardous air quality. The wildfires themselves have burned a still untold number of homes and forced thousands of Californians and Oregonians to evacuate. But the smoke is thie ancillary fallout that will affect millions of Westerners. Even in the dryer. Inland Northwest cities far away from the fires, Visibility has been reduced to less than a half mile. At times, residents are being told to stay indoors, and they're mounting concerns about vulnerable populations being exposed to the smog for days on end. These aren't just forest fires, health officials warn. This smoke contains dangerous toxins like lead paint from destroyed homes, burnt cars, gas tanks and power lines. Kirk Sigler. NPR NEWS Boise Former Vice President Joe Biden is making his first trip to Florida as the Democratic presidential nominee binds campaign, making it clear he needs to do a better job of reaching out to the states. Latino voters. President Trump is also courting and a pivotal state in the presidential race. Biden is holding a roundtable with veterans and marking Hispanic Heritage Month Latinos make up 1/5 of eligible voters in Florida. There are worries Biden, standing among the key voting bloc is slipping. Hurricane Sally continues to creep along with the northern Gulf Coast, watching and waiting as Dave Dunwoody. Reports from member station WWF in Pensacola. Precise location of Sally's landfall remains unclear. The smaller the pace, the more warm Gulf waters. Sally can suck up and eventually drop on the land That's likely to being late tonight or early Wednesday morning. Somewhere along the Alabama Mississippi State line is can be a county Sheriff David Morgan is asking the public to draw upon their experiences and past hurricane seasons. We can all get through this folks, you know, we all got PhDs and howto and hurricanes and storms in Escambia County, and so let's continue with this education to leave your family and help us in keeping our community. Seif steering currents in the Gulf will determine exactly where Stanley will come ashore. Forecasters expect record breaking rainfall possibly up to 30 inches in some areas. For NPR News. I'm Dave Dunwoody in Pensacola, Florida President Trump's pick for the Federal Reserve Board's interest rates setting armed does not appear to have the votes needed in the U. S. Senate to win confirmation..

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