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The latest attack with four goals plus an empty netter for a bit is too many it's hard to win when you give up that many goals saluted Colbert magna lighting it with a minute to go it's what goes up the middle center Rostock's library point make the crawl space to break in the accident out lost at love circle board feet apart candy shot of reply wide array reevaluating gore to the right corner fortis Jack leave the life of pocket right circle recorder board off the stick hopeless takes it away games up in airports thirty four seconds left we're going to keep by that mark the Goodrow centers a property please visit thirty one point six seconds remaining you know tempers start to flare a little bit later down five to July of seventy one dollars but those are just trying to get a new one better separate the two you usually have a clear idea of the narrative fill in a game this one is really perplexing please I I'd still be end of the day would come back to the fact that the full lighting played a pretty good game today yet there on the short end of a five to score you scratch your head about it the Chicago players you happen to have the goals here get a more I thought he played pretty well tonight yeah because you let me frame it this way that bill you can agree or disagree I think the lady play like this on Saturday against Calgary they're gonna have a very good chance to win well David I agree with you and one was but on the other respective they don't get that stick in power play going again they're not going to win much yeah I don't care where the other team scored power play goals against them it's what you do and our power play went from second when we first want to ask you we're down to seven now well the numbers since the calendar turned full for five tonight Sir six for sixty six thirty one out of eleven what I can do that that's very Hey you know we didn't like the penalty that said no I didn't like that until I thought it and led to a power play goal it was after the power plant it led to the Chicago first goal but who got to see bad paneling and the lady were not able to make sure that all right Hey lexicography.

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