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Yeah i came as a big surprise to a lot of people and of course um uh michael crichton uh i i a man who has created a lot of entertainment for us over the years uh with with things like the and drama strain and jurassic park and um i don't know even congo for those who uh for those who enjoyed it but uh but also who had a lot of serious ideas he had become kind of a social critic here in the last few years it had had some uh had some pretty serious ideas about uh where science was going in and the relationship between science and politics um that i think we'll you know probably come back to a little bit later in the program some of those relationships right a w g what uh michael crichton wrote i is most famous for is drastic parks right threatened both bosnian dragic parks fear rising sun the that was available uh twister a lot of people don't know that erode twist the the screen boy the twister uh disclosure congo the 13th warrior i loved that movie uh coma i wrote the screenplay for that and directed at achieving our atlema and uh trump the larry aided created the tv series er that's right that's right so uh george clooney owes him a debt of gratitude dozen um and what's novel westworld he he did westworld too so i mean it uh the man was a machine i mean he uh he put a he put out entertainment leica is right and left and eight directed movies and he uh uh wrote screenplays wrote books and uh he was a practicing physician all those years too so.

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