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Whether or not we ultimately survive as a democracy because there is no checks and balances on this president right now so the only way that's going to happen is if you take back the house and i'm talking about really good republican friends of mine who are principled hardcore conservatives they're not elected officials but you know it's the william kristol and david fromm and george will and people like that who are talking about voting democratic not that because they believe in the democratic ideals but they believe in the country and they don't want to see the country go down so if you care about the country that's what you'll do whether you're republican or democrat because right now there is no check on this president on the worst part is not a sense from what i've seen has been put into stopping what happened in the last election from happening again knowing being resources with no he wants this to happening right right he is he still happening right now the russians have made the play they made it big there here right now they're still working the refs are still doing it and trump is a witting accomplice because he wants them even funding for voting commissions to be on cheerios no no no he wants right he wants to be putin he's got that all a guard envy he wants to have a cut of everything that comes through this country right well you guys have been very generous with your time and i commend you on your film i can't wait to see you do give it up again for rob and joey thank thank you and that's how the qna went down special thanks again to screenwriter joey hardstone director rob reiner for coming down to chat about their latest film shock and awe and folks i do hope you'll support the film and spread the word about it you could view it in the and also on vod and through direct tv and other platforms so keep a lookout for it i also hope you'll keep an eye out for backstory issued thirty three which is coming just a few weeks which has the mission impossible fallout cover featuring along interview with writer director christopher mcquarry along with a lot of other great film and tv stories as well so thanks for checking it out qna with jeff goldsmith a copyright of unlikely films inc in two thousand eighteen.

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