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News, The latest When you need it on demand from Fox News and Amazon Alexa criminal charges filed against a truck driver who drove into protesters in Minneapolis after the death of George Floyd happened in May, 6 days after George Floyd's death. During his arrest in Minneapolis, Bogdanovich Eriko drove his tanker truck onto the interstate 35 Westbridge there into a crowd of protesters. No one was reported seriously hurt, and it was said at the time the driver was confused about highway closures in the area. Now he's charged with making threats of violence of felony and criminal vehicular operation. Prosecutors say he was trying to scare people out of his way and could've stocked well before reaching them. His attorney says the hard stop instead of slowing down and maneuvering through the parted crowd could have caused the truck to jackknife out of control. Chris Foster. Fox News A judge has thrown at extortion charges against the leader of a Mexican megachurch, citing insufficient evidence but left in plays. Accusations of child rape human trafficking. Nason Joaquin Garcia has pled not guilty to dozens of felony charges, including the rape of a minor. He was arrested last year remains jailed on $90 million bail. The growing number of covert 19 cases in Idaho is putting a strain on hospital bills. Officials in Idaho said that people who have tested positive for Corona viruses in the northern part of the state may have to be sent for treatment in Seattle or Portland because the region's hospitals are nearing capacity. Cooney Health, saying in a statement that it's hospital is at 99% capacity for patients who need medical or surgical care, and as the state says Idaho, seen its largest spike in virus cases since the pandemic began. The health officials also I'll say that for most new Corona virus cases, it's mild or moderate symptoms like fever and cough that clear up in 2 to 3 weeks. Jeff Man. Also Fox News, all straight at the closed docks shook off a wobbly start to end the day hire the Dow gained 1 50 to the NASDAQ Up, 21. I'm Lee Scylla, Sarah and this is Fox News. Morning. There's work to.

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