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Business. Technology advisor today. Scientists recently completed an experiment studying the effects of the drug MD on octopuses, which is part of a bigger experiment of what happens when you give scientists LSD. Funny. Funny. So I'm not big on bathroom chatting. But. One of the rock station guys. She says to me says if you're in the bathroom at work, you don't wanna talk to people, right? Okay. Into your business wash your hands. Go out. There's a guy I was in the bathroom yesterday. And a guy walked in guy like, but he had his head piece on his talking on the cellphone walked in the bathroom. Did his thing washed walked out while still talking? Yeah. Don't talk to me while you're doing your thing, man. There was a guy. I know I realized I could be a thousand miles away nothing to do with me. I just I don't wanna know you're in life. You're on the phone with me and you hear like some sort of cavernous echo. And I say I'm in the garage. I don't have a garage. Just so, you know, there was a guy. A couple of days ago in the stall during the serious business talking full volume on his cell phone, totally unabashed non pretty sure we could have done by Thursday. I understand. Yeah. Yeah. That is that is I have to ask. But I think yeah. Sure. Yeah. I'm pretty comfortable in saying that. Yeah. Likely to do that as I'm likely to take flight the idea that I would do that just not not in my world. I'm not going to do that that seems wrong hundred different levels to me. Xiaomi me them everybody. Nobody wins. Lose should be ashamed of going to the bathroom. So. I am. In one of the rock station guys system. He says. They built a bridge to Hawaii. Could you drive on it? I said, you know, I'd probably have to take anxiety drugs 'cause I would probably freak out. Eventually, I I get. Mike how? I get a little bit of anxiety on bridges and like super high rant. Sometimes I don't know why anxieties weird thing. But my son does it's a it's a drag. Oh, man, we're gonna fall offer. It's gonna collapse Nike anybody's ever driven to south Lake Tahoe. In California highway fifty. You're driving through the woods drive through the woods driving through the woods for a long damn time bag and for a lot of pine trees. Really lovely. Here's a quaint little tourist town. Honey, more driving through the woods. Then all of a sudden with. No warning, you are on the edge of a cliff looking fifteen hundred feet down with the just a little aluminum guardrail between you and a caveman death. And the only thing I ever think is. Wow. What a gorgeous view, right. I'm with passengers. There's something in the car right Wasserman car. And you know, it's funny. The rational brain my rational brain in my irrational, brain have this giant fight wore my rational brain is thinking is saying you've millions of miles. You're a much better driver than the average person. This is a good car. Your tires are reasonably knew it would take a bizarre circumstance beyond all reason for anything bad to happen. The other part of my bracing. It's weird. You have no control over that. Right. Oh, I don't have a half of one percent of anxiety about that. Just doesn't even I didn't even know kid. My kid has. Yeah. Yeah. It's weird. So anyway, but I picture myself on the bridge to Hawaii starting off being very excited. Jerry Brown project that I just heard as soon as a bullet trains, and it's going to cost a billion to four hundred billion summer, but I can picture myself white being really excited and thinking. Wow. This is amazing Honey yell if you see a whale and slowly getting like four hundred miles out in the Pacific and thinking we go over the edge. It's just it's death probably by sharks probably chewed apart by sharks and just slowly going slower and slower and going more and more toward the exact middle of the road till I'm doing ten miles per hour straddling lane marker right in the middle. Yeah. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. Well, they would have to have some sort of floating rest stop because it'd take your very long time from Miami. To key west is mostly bridge over the I was going to ask you about that. And it's quite a one hundred fifty miles. Yeah. You got the Coronado bridge San Diego. It's a landmark in absolutely gorgeous. I prefer to be in one of the middle lanes the bay bridge, which is interesting. I just never think of that on the other hand people would say to me, why are you worried about getting the shot? It doesn't hurt. Right. I mean, it hurts about as much as mosquito bite. I'm third. What's interesting is came on late in life. And I have no idea why I don't want to hear that. There are things I'm not afraid of now I could end up being afraid of want that. I was comfortable with what I am afraid is is almost the wrong word or it's almost not quite a good enough word because it's it's a sudden in irrational, deep animal revulsion, it's like the same thing. If you saw a lion charging out of the bushes. It's completely involuntary and irrational not does in Honey, you're being irrational. But in terms of being just completely like, brain stem. My youngest son has that every second was life. Yeah. How am I God? Which is why he's paralyzed by fear all the time. Yeah. Just there's no control over that. My oldest son just occasionally gets it. But yet like going over bridges are we going to tip over? No, we're not going to tip over. It's never happened in the history of the world millions of cars Passovers bridge. And but I know that that logic doesn't work. So what's the point of even trying? I guess. It reminds me very much of my neighbor when I was growing up in Chicago land, we know no fences there, no privacy fences. Nobody I know what California's amazing nobody has privacy fence, you stand your backyard. You look for yards over you. See your buddy. Dave. And you say, hey, Dave, how you doing? How does that work with Dart's precisely my next door? Neighbor fewer dogs when I was a kid. I was about eight or so when my next door neighbors moved out and some new folks moved in actually, they're they're pretty nice people. But they had a big bull mastiff that to an eight year old was the size of a lion. And this thing would charge at you through their backyard into my backyard and stop four feet shorter. You who and nothing ever happened other than that? But yeah, it's it's about the same feeling when one of those irrational animal phobia, fear anxiety thinks comes over here. It's it's it's sake. That was a very good. Big dark. Our big dog bark. I thank you. I have plenty of chance to work on it. Yeah. Freaking dog. Oh, I hated. It hated. I remember.

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