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A conference in in Quebec and we did a via for together actually that via fraud was featured in episode seventy two. If you want to go back and listen or maybe you can recall that Eric was there for that and he also was just recently at outdoor retailer in Denver where I was and where I re ran into him him and got to catch up with him a bit after a few years. Things have changed a lot for both of us. I suppose in the last three years I suppose that's life but his path has taken him literally across the world and back several times with this T._v.. Show that he oh so we're just going to talk to him about that path doc and what led him to this hosting Gig and what is in store for him and what the show is about and some other people and places that he's seen and experienced along the way so. I'm excited to get to share that with you but before we start today I have a group trip announcement. I've been working on the twenty twenty calendar for group trips and I had mentioned to you guys several episodes ago. <hes> my hopes for creating a bucket list trip to Norway for twenty twenty unfortunately that one is not happening yet so I apologize. If you had your hopes up I for sure did it's just not happening yet but we are totally changing years and continents instead of going somewhere cold dark in winter. We're going to Costa Rica. We're having a community meet up in Costa Rica March twenty twenty fifth through twenty nine th twenty twenty there are eighteen spots available which makes this my biggest group opportunity.

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