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Thumbs And i was able to get a a a good start In the summer And the late. Summer of twenty twenty Once we get out But then i it's been difficult because you know the world is kinda changed. A lot of these people who are in the film are older you know. They were in their prime in their eighties. And now they're in their sixties or seventies So we're getting people to come out and we're giving people to get the job done and we're slowly surely making sure that people are in this but they Are safe like in search of darkness. Partout you are now doing a preorder for the film. And i'm looking right now. So if people wanna go and pre-order the movie and get their name in the credits among other things which will talk about. Where can they go. They go to i i. I'm hearing all sorts of strange interference. I think Et is trying to phone home. Sorry the elephant in the room. So i don't know if that's going to be heard on the recording but anyway i just thought i'd talk that outside. Ideally we could hear each other talking to us but Yeah go to eighties. Sci-fi dot com eight zero s eighty s sci-fi doc dot com And that gives you all the information you need to know who's involved the entire cast The perks that you can get to preorder Not only do you get the movie but you get lots of cool. Swag you know you get you know and you know this cool Exclusive enamel pen in downloads of the movie and other the soundtrack and super cool stuff and There you'll also get access to discord community which is very A weekly active. Twenty four seven Community for like minded sci-fi fans we do watch parties and we do interview clip shows. And it's it's a lotta stuff at perfect for the pandemic era and perfect for connecting with other fans who love these movies as much as you do. Yeah this i'm scanning through right now. Online i mean you have. The shirts are great. You can get him in either white or black or you have three different choices of posters. Did you bring back the same artists from darkness to do these posters for this film Yeah yeah So graham humphreys did this cool of for a sci fi horror hybrid Poster which is at the Dave morale Who that zombie cheerleader Did this amazing Painting with the heroes and the villains facing off in the reflection of an astronaut's helmet And clayton bench. Who did are in search of Kid in front of the tv Logo and poster. He did this wonderful. blade looking into the stars with a bunch of spaceships exploiting of this sort of black hole void. Yeah there's so much they really are. I here's villains is just so awesome seeing predator arnold and robocop khan and kirk and i mean just it's awesome. I mean it just brings back such great memories. i can't wait to put it on my walk. I am telling you. I'm already already. Like how can i get this now. What's great yes. There are several different levels that you can purchase. Obviously the the most basic is is the film itself and you can go all the way to get all kinds of perks and stuff. The one that that really kinda is really looks. Pretty cool is the executive producer. Otherwise knows luke skywalker version. Which is like. Wow you get all kinds of stuff on here. Which is just fantastic. Hollywood gives you a tour of the death star. Or is you get to ride on the enterprise for a little while. It's really cool. That's the captain. Kirk package absolutely yes. Exactly flash flash gordon. One you get to take rocket sled around because this is claimer. These aren't true statement. Yeah exactly. I mean we are joking for those of you. That are like wait a minute. I gotta get so you and you also have the trailer on here as well which is great and I mean it's just. I just absolutely love this. Thank you know the the the trailer is kind of like the proof of concept you know we you know we kick started this a year ago. and despite the challenges of the pandemic we've been able to get this movie going and Getting you know people are now like i was saying before coming out of the woodwork. And we're able to get all these amazing interviews in fact i for interviews lined up in the next week. You know through the next weekend so quite busy you know i. It's exciting to say that you seventy five people who are part of the project. But i need to sit down with all seventy five before. He's making this movie. So i'm actively doing this. And and quite enjoying the the geek enthusiasm that i've got that i have to act cool and get a good interview but i'm sitting down with some icons you know the and i'm sitting down with legends. Who who really inspire me and so the trailer that we've got now Is is an idea of what we're putting together But we don't even have all our interviews yet or still happening. I mean it's just incredible. When i look at some of these names on here. Obviously you have peter weller. Sean young sarah. Douglas course played ursa in superman superman to henry. Thomas who played elliott net d the castle. Gene simmons we run away right. Yeah i mean. I'm i just mentioned actually to the guys during the interview. I was a kiss fan. Gene was my guy so this is awesome seeing him on here. I have to say for those who might not be in the know. That's a tom. Celik movie Gene simmons pleased the bill and directed by michael crichton. And it also has a young joey kramer before flight of the navigator in as well and joey kramer's and are gonna be and i talked to him not only about flying navigator but of course about runaway in working with gene simmons and asking gene about his tongue. Very good i always. I always remember the scene with. They're trying to get the bullet or arm and that's just like a mass such brutal guan's it's done so well you got the body jesse ventura the body venture time to built. Do i mean this is Oven reitman each bar bo. Paul hogan folks. I can't even. We could sit here for hours. Just talking about the guest list occur which smith it was dick jones. I mean this is just I absolutely love you ronny cox. Who's going to be home in time for cornflakes. These movies just stuck with me list. The one liners and these things. That are just great. What's cool about all of these people that i get to sit with. Is that not only. They talk about their projects. The things that we know them for for eighty side movies and and others but they talked about their favorites as well. So it's not like you know. Peter weller just saying robocop was called because and.

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