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From which is plastic survive. Press start off very very bad plan but it's good. It's good stuff that that being said you know the community that we built here we did. We do have the infrastructure in place coming into this of this amazing community of people that are virtually connected around this passion. And we're very lucky that's about Survivor has not interrupted during this timeframe. And we have this wonderful distraction that we get to come on here and talk or but even even beyond survivor. I think one of the things that I think most of the people who who've been patients for a while with really speak to this idea that like you're not just gaining new people to talk about a show you love with like you're just gaining new people in your life and I think one of the things that's happening right now is as much of our lives are moving into this virtual space. You know we're going to be finding new ways of meeting people come meet. Make some new friends like there's A. There's a lot of friends that are just waiting for us and some new families and some new people to to show you some love and comfort during a really hard time. I think that's been one of the beauties of the Patriot community in the RTP family. So Great Sephora patron pub trivia coming up in a little bit tonight. We're going to get ready for that Josh. Did you listen to any of my interview with Malcolm? Didn't get a really good Tony Stories about Tony's relationship with a beast mode cowboy. Oh God I heard. I know that he broke these boyd beast mode cowboys finger. Yeah Not Spoil. Malcolm's but Tony and baseball cowboy very competitive and anything that talk. Tony could do. These cowboy. Wanted to be smoke cowboy quite a bit perfect all right. Thank you guys so much for listening. Of course congratulations again to our week. Seven to one dollars winner. Jr NV They will play us out with Last week so winning one to take care. Everybody have a good one bye..

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