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Control over your like grenades on other people like you already see a tribunal getting called out, and we saw, like a crazy elimination, where Georgia Noni had to rely on other people. So maybe maybe he was just thinking down the road. But I think as you said, we're giving too much credit he was he. Did he quit to you not quit? We have a question about that. But before we get to that. I get what you're saying about the tribunal, weeding people out too quickly wants to people fell, but I really did like the pacing of like people falling out, like if we had all and I know this isn't what you're saying. But if we'd all eight people at the end, I think it would be to money. Oh, I agree with that. They're designed was having six people. So what you're saying, makes sense like having six people because to dropped out maybe adjust that I liked people falling away, one by one like I'm glad knowing died, and I don't mean to come off, like. There were no deaths. But I liked I liked the two people fell off the riffraff guy cleared out right away. And then the tribunal I thought it was like a fun break rather than like watching them like stand and stay up all night. And it like bore me. I kind of liked that. This was like an evening stress and then as we move onto the ORs we'll talk about but. Query if it was ideal to have just one person. And I think that's a fair. Critique. Let's talk about the challenge itself taking tiny for a walk. What did you think of this as the way to get one of them to fall? I like a stamina challenge here. I didn't know that the monster truck had a name that was new information. And then I also noted that once hunter drops ninja just keeps walking like drop the row very straight. I wish you waiting for clarification with TJ thrilling chip probes. It's a. It's a ninja. You've won hunter. Shook your hand in the game. You can drop the roads. Yeah, I liked that. It was the low impact like that it was endurance, and not like running, another Mireles something.

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