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Um it would it further exacerbated because you could say well how are you gonna get this you can do to get to ask are you gonna get the opportunity will you can get lucky and get the fight against the big name or which i work your way up divisional leaning in that turns and you can be leapfrogged but there's in other words if you're rda there's no way you're taking a fight with colby coveted it's not had ellen change vic like change they can't crack easily he's i think he's like aiming hundred in one and everyone sailing your rank 13th so if you just get rid of it i feel like it would actually open the doors for them to make more fights that they had this problem six seven years ago that maybe the case i i like rankings i just don't like the fact that as you of see rankings i think that you know uh you're when you're watching you'd think of name of sport in a in a college basketball college football it's always will the number one team against the number four team whatever and that kind of adds a little gravitas to that too that matchup sure and even nma for a while there were some media rankings uh y'all who was doing media rankings with a panel of about twenty your twin five people but they were just doing a a pound for pound ranki which i think is kind of the least worthy of all the rankings if there were media rankings for each division basically the ufc rankings but take it away out of the ufc and have you know some people a fighting some people from from mma junkie yo espn the post various people covering the sport and somebody were too were to be running if they actually when i was at sports illustrated i was suggesting to those guys that we do.

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