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Started, analyzing all kinds of classic in literary and award, winning novels memoirs in Screenplays, and I finally really got plot on a very concrete level, and once my friends writer friends started understanding that I understood it I started teaching it. And you know so. My whole life went off on this tangent but I at never ever expected in i. was you know that whole expression of follow your bliss? That you get hooked by something, and then you're racing to try to keep up with it and I feel so. It's happened to me for half of my life now, but. Anyway, I digress, so the the universal story is very. It's started with just of Campbell's the Hero's journey, which is something that writers are very aware of, and but for me I. Call it the Universal Story because I wanted it to be broader. Think. We get so caught up at the human level and I see the universal story beyond just us, but I see it in nature I see it in the seasons of the year, the lunar cycles animals, we all are on this sort of universal halfway. That's it's an energetic pathway and. If you can understand where you are on the pathway. You can much better understand why you're having the difficulties or the successes that you're feeling so that it doesn't so that you can let go that feeling of Oh. You know I'm. I'm not meant to do this or it wouldn't be this hard or. Why am I being blocked and you know wiretapping? Why's everybody else getting it and I don't get it or whatever there are gifts that are within those emotional block blockages to creativity, and if you can be aware of that, you can really grow emotionally spiritually, and other ways and embrace what's happening and bring it into your creative juices so to speak. Oh I love that and at the idea that. There's something to learn in those moments of those blocks of you know digging deep into those and finding more out about those, and I also like the idea of opposite of the same success of kind of learning more about that, and how that can continually impact your story. Well I think think when you. If, you know so many people start very energetically and very excited. You know you gotta hit of inspiration, and you're just wearing to go with something, and so you're filled with optimism and strength, and then once you leave the beginning and move into the middle, which is where you know you're confronted with all of these obstacles in Struggles in conflicts than antagonists. And it's supposed to be that way. There are very specific reasons why, but if you can work your way through that, and actually reached the end and your triumph, which is when you have completed whatever you started, it may not look like he thought it would look. You may decide in the end well, you know it's not really quite want or whatever, but every time you reach the end your power. It's like the universal. Story AKNOWLEDGES that you're willing to go the distance almost and so you're gifted again with warrants ration- psycho. To manifest these little seeds, then we wanna work with you because really if they're is-is force out there somewhere the only way that that that the new ideas or the evolution or the transformations can happen is through us. We are the ones that bring it into the physical form, and so Every time you reach your triumph, you become more empowered any realize the next time through. Oh, I know where I am. Everything's GonNa be okay. I just have to figure out what I'm supposed to learn hair. What's going on and it really becomes smoother and smoother, and you know all these moments of serendipity start to happen and sort these miraculous moments an it's. Quite exciting which is why I really support people and being creative and to To believe in themselves you know to go the distance and not fall into that trap of I'm not enough I'm not good enough. I'm not worthy. Think I am this is a waste of time. WHO's ever GonNa Care and actually you know, play small instead of moving into their greatness. It's so empowering, even just hearing you talk about it. It's like yes. That's what I WANNA do. Yes just hearing you talk about it, and from my experience with the book to their that empowering element just the also. It gives momentum. You know it's like Nah. Okay, let me re. Yeah. Which is I? Think sometimes which feels to me anyway. Creative when I get stuck. It feels like a loss of momentum, but it's like sometimes you just need the push to keep going and understand, and then it's like okay. We've got it rolling. We can keep going. Yes into really believe that that is part of it that in those moments where you lose that momentum. To. Go inward into figure out. If it's something that has to do with the craft itself. If you're doing a specific creative endeavor you know like. Learning how to painter sculptor. Whatever Perhaps you need to learn something to help. Enhance your your craft for riders, you know. How do you create plot? How do you create a character? How do you create demotic significance email? At some point you realize. Oh, my Gosh I! Don't have everything I need to do what I need to do, and those are were external, but then there's also a lot of internal, because once we set a goal for ourselves. We meet ourselves because we will. All of our old stories and our old patterns and habits are GonNa. Come forward of you know giving up or losing energy or you know. I work with people sometimes who are great at talking about it you know about the stories are GonNa ride this. They're GONNA do, but they use all their energy in talking about it that when it actually comes to doing it, they just peter out with psycho, and then they wait for the next inspiration. And then they talked at up and so so those are really worthy things to learn about ourselves, and to embrace about ourselves, and to dig or dive deep into ourselves to. To learn more about why and what can we do about it and.

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