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Tech fan podcast number three hundred seventy eight. It's the end of twenty eighteen and I'm joined by David Cohen tomorrow is was tomorrow. The thirty know today is very I know tomorrow's the thirty first day before the end of the, but for all intents of purposes, most people probably listen to this on the thirty first last day of twenty eighteen and it's been a memorable year. David. Certainly has been the two months and. And debate and argument and more of all of that than than I can remember for quite a few years. I think you know, I am an advocate podcast listener myself. I don't just record this one and produce a bunch of others. I like podcasts and I've been listening to podcasts quite honestly since two thousand four. So that's a long time to be listening to podcasts alone recording in the majority of that time as well. But I found myself. The shows that I generally like to listen to her either tech-heavy or I like some political stuff. But it's so even the the lot of the tech show's they lose to became so political we've talked about political stuff in the past here, not extensively not in any great detail, usually, but I just couldn't do it anymore. I didn't want to listen to the news podcast because it seemed like it was this bad news all the time. So I'll be honest with you, David I've enlisted in a lot of audio books lately. This kind of debt compressing. Yes. Sometimes that's the best way of dealing with stuff. In the world is getting away from it for one. I listen to the entire Harry Potter series over the last few months driving back and forth to work read by Stephen Fry. Yep. I love. Oh, I he's awesome. I I love his voice. I like him as a person to his lost in America. I think that's what it was called. It was it lost in America or something like that. Yes. And the one we traveled around the black taxing, yes. Yup. I love that show. I I like to see my own country viewed from an outsider. So Stephen FRY's. Interesting because he started as a comedian. Yes. Doing sketches with Hugh Laurie the guy who played house. Correct. We talked about that other show while there. Yeah. And the, you know, the thing is that means he's a great. He's a good actor, and he's a good comic actor which makes his readings of stuff for Harry Potter. And also anybody who's ever seen the quiz show? He does Q I as well. He's exceptionally intelligent. So that means that his his readings of audio books are really well performed which makes a big difference for an audiobook. Well, I listened to his audio books obviously for the Harry Potter series. But the way he does Hagrid was exactly the way the guy who they got in the movies talked. Yeah. So I I'm pretty sure that the audio book came out before the first movies did. Yeah. And the actor obviously, listen to audio books because he got the cadence and the gruff it's it's spot on. It's just perfect. It's fun. But I just started a new book. I'm literally ten minutes into it. And I've already kind of I'm digging it. What is it? Let me pull it up. It's called. We are legion. We are. Bob. The the premise is. I know sounds terrible. But it won't a bunch of award. So I was like oh give it a listen. And the guy who's narrating. It's quite good. It's takes place in modern times. At least it starts that way disguise selling his tech company. The book starts out that he's at this business signing up to have his head cut off and frozen if he dies. Well, I know by the premise of the book that really quickly here that's actually going to happen. He's going to get hit by a bus because it's in the on the dust jacket. If you will rainy wakes up in the future with a brand new body and his he's Bob two point. Oh, so I'm looking forward to listening to this journey. It's about nine hours long. So that'll take me, you know, the next week and a half two weeks driving back and forth to work. I've not had this book. But interests me, I didn't either. I was I decided because I enjoy listening to the Harry Potter books so much and I've listened to a couple of other ones recently to. I.

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