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Mentality of you know you get enough people here's Here's the tactic that they've been using that I've, been seeing any outlet that doesn't that hadn't band Alex, Jones and info wars they are calling them racists white supremacists Nazis white nationalists I've seen I've, seen them I've seen a ton of posts from a ton of people saying oh. I. Guess Twitter's run by a bunch of. Nazis and I guess Twitter's run by a bunch. Of, white supremacists because they? Haven't. Been outright Alex Jones yet right that's how they're pressuring that's the tactic that they're using to? To get, Facebook to get Twitter to, get these, outlets to ban these these people are, calling. Him outright Nazis and white nationalists to the point where there's a fine all. Right we'll ban jeez you know we don't wanna be called that and, I hear it. On my pop culture podcasts that I listen to, they'll, throw out those it cracks me up because they'll throw out those blanket statements it's not Republicans. It's all right there all right if. You're if you're a Republican and the end intending consequences of the ousting of a person, like Jones, is it just defies. In In people's minds the online mobbing behavior right I know that's not that's not what. Is being intended with these, outlets they're, they're, making decisions. Based off. Of fear which. Is how you should never go and make decisions based out of, fear, but they're making a based out of fear but. Now those individuals online who partake in the mobbing now the justification well see look they went and got, rid? Of Jones and I've. Already seen it happen on the pop culture side of things I've seen podcasts get run off of Twitter had. To go silent for a month before they can pop back up and then say well Twitter. Wasn't really. For us, know, the reality, was you guys got you know, because somebody just disagreed with your opinion you, got run off line because. They called you all kinds of horrible names that were not troop six five one. Nine eight nine, five eight five five. Real quick. Let's go to Alan and Dina go ahead l. I your comment about the social media people people controlling, their own their own experience On both for media I, just did I don't think the issue with with. People wanting to ban stuff off the court what they call Jackson walk spokesman media to deal with their, own reality or with their own, experience, if, they don't want. To they want to create a. Place where where you can you can get a where you can get people thinking the same thing As a as, a safe place where they can get together and increase increase their power No they. Want to present the the clubbing of all these, people. That are possibly thinking objectionable idea you don't care about their own their. Own, experiences, fine they just don't have a place where people can create their own mob well yeah I would I get what you're saying I would phrase it maybe a little. Differently, I get what. You're, saying but yeah they they want to prevent other people from coming across ideas that they don't. Want them to see right right they want to, be. Able to control people's experiences in other people's lives and experiences six five. One, fascist One nine eight nine five eight. Five five we will talk more about this the. The crackdown continues Twitter suspended some. Libertarian accounts including the Ron Paul institute director we've got a great piece in regards to Alex Jones out of a reason. That will share with you as.

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