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Had shot a man and held his ex girlfriend at gunpoint in plant city. Three deputies tracked him to a burger King parking lot shortly after midnight and approached his car, got out of a car and immediately open, firing The deputies as they were moving in apprehending the deputies fired back and kill Co colas. The man he shot should survive that massive back up on the Howard Franklin Bridge yesterday afternoon came after two teenagers led state troopers on a chase. It ended with a crash on the bridge. The F H P says the two jumped off the bridge and one of them died, 16 year old Tauron Jackson was dead when they found him, 18 year old Joshua read. Actin had serious injuries. Troopers say they had drugs in cash and a car that reached 120 miles an hour before the crash. The company that got more than $70 million to build the state's unemployment system that doesn't work just got a new contract from the state worth $110 million to update Florida's Medicaid program. State representative Anna Esseker. Monty tells news Channel eight in Tampa. That politics played a part. There's a reason why the public continues to not trust government do not trust politicians. I think this is one example of it s Kimani wants the contract frozen until State investigation into it concludes with Florida's news. I'm John Mc Weston. This is a Bloomberg money minute. President Trump Span on US transactions with the Chinese owners of the wee chat and Tic Tac Apse is throwing some shade on US stocks today, Tech shares leading the way lower, though investors have walked back a lot of their losses. The Dow down just 10 points, the NASDAQ is falling 116. That's 1%. The S and P down five. The move backwards comes after investors took losses a little deeper. When Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin rejected Democrats offer on a Corona virus relief package. They're worried about what will happen if there's no new aid. The July jobs report played into that, too, with its better than predicted 10.2% unemployment rate and slightly more jobs added 1.8 million than expected. Investors worry there's no incentive for a deal. Don't expect to see Disney or Comcast Universal rushed to buy a theatre chain, but they can if they want. A federal judge's terminated.

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