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Hi. I'm Patricia for Barak and I'm Katina Sawyer and welcome to the worker being podcast today. Patricia has an article for us which is very exciting because I don't know much about what it is. So I'm curious to hear what you have in store for us. So could you tell us a little bit about what we're going to be talking about? Yeah. We're GONNA be talking about e mail incivility which as we get into the concept I think everyone is experienced this. So. Basically like when people are may be rude or ignoring your emails and this article specifically looks at passive versus active email and civility and how passive email incivility is actually. Pretty problematic for your health. But they didn't find the same for active. So don't dawn well, that's interesting. So it's like the lay. Her my last email. Late yeah. Yeah or the like the like really short and weird emails you get like you sound like a whole email and someone's got it ray like. Was it good. Yeah. I mean sneak preview I pretty much like it seems they didn't test this directly, but I have a feeling. It's the ambiguity piece that makes him worse for you. Yeah. That makes sense I know ambiguity people per separate on things that they can't. Make. Sense of because the longer it takes you to be like if you know someone hates you're like, okay, they hate me this socks but like whatever I can at least cope with it and move on. But if you're like, do they don't they are they mad I don't know it takes up a lot more mental energy. So exactly if people are lying. Like. I'm trying to think of other things that people say and emails that are like passive aggressive per per lessee Miller like As previously discussed or like. I'm going to refer you to our prior conversation in which. Blah Blah. But a lot of the the passive stuff that they're saying is actually more like they didn't respond to your email little. Like that seems rough that know to me a lot well, like they ignore your email or they take a really long time to respond some has that me yeah people see that as being passive. So well, I'll I'll share some examples when we get there. This is obviously a topic of interest. I'm like what other stuff do people do? You lots of weird things in emails. Some of them were like shocking in terms of the act of one. So just really well, your seatbelt. You're in for a bumpy email incivility, right? Exactly. It's interesting that yeah. Lawville we'll talk about that in a minute in the meantime however, you do my dear, I'm doing good. I am in the throes of collecting data for a study on mindfulness that.

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