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All right, folks. Good to have you back with us. Kansas governor Laura Kelly. Vetoed a bill that would have protected biological girls in athletics. And the whole point of the legislation was to ensure that they're not forced to play alongside a boy who thinks he's a girl. And the governor says, yeah, we're not going to do that. We're going to let boys who identify as girls, beat the living daylights out of these girls on the athletic field. Alliance defending freedom are good friends. And they're standing up for biological women all over America. They say by vetoing this bill, governor Kelly has chosen for the second time to reject fairness in sports for thousands of women and girls in Kansas. When biological differences are ignored, women and girls bear the brunt of the harm. The incidents of males dominating girls athletic competitions when competing as females is increasing nationwide. As they seize championships and shatter long-standing female track records. But at least the Kansas legislature, I mean, at least they took a stand for female athletes. You know, I'm curious, there are a lot of moms and dads listening to this program and you've got girls you've got daughters who are playing sports. And would you would you allow them to play on a team or play against a team that had boys who identified as girls? Last week, we told you the story about Guam high school so they've got a boy who identifies as a girl of the female rugby team and they were playing another team and that guy went out there and just obliterated the girls. According to the local reports, at least three of the girls had to be taken off the field, they suffered injuries at the hands of this of this man. And that's what they are. I mean, we've got to start you may say, okay, well, Todd, that's just your transphobic. You've got to start calling these, calling these people by the gender they identify with. No, no, no, no, no, no. That's not how it works, folks. That's not how it works. God made mail and female. That's it. But I'm telling you, we're only going to be in for more stories like Guam high school. Where you will have young ladies that are competing in other sports and there are contact sports out there and you're going to have more biological girls getting hurt. And it's going to get to a point where moms and dads are going to lay down the law and say, we're not going to let you Susie or Sally or whatever. We're not going to let you go out of that field. And compete with the boys, we're just not going to do that. Got to pay attention here, folks. It is going to get very ugly in the coming in the coming days. And I really don't know why the L or the L or the G component, I don't know why they won't stand up and speak out. You've got the log cabin Republicans, and even they are standing up for people like governor Ron DeSantis. And the legislation that he's putting forward to stop a lot of this sex indoctrination in the classrooms. But the position of this radio program is we don't think they need to be teaching kindergarteners anything about sex straight or gay. That's how that's how we roll here on this program. All right, coming up in just a little while, it is tax day. Jeez, hold on. I already had to send my check in for the government. Tax day are good friend art alley from Timothy plan is going to be here and he'll give us some good advice on how to ramp up our taxes, also dean Cain is going to be going to drop by good friend of this program and he's got a new movie coming out and we're going to talk to him about that as well. And we're also going to be taking your calls throughout the day, 8 four four 747 88 68. That's 8 four four 747 88 68. Again, our website and if you haven't already done so, you need to get yourself signed up for our daily newsletter as well as our podcast, both free of charge and available at Todd starnes dot com. All.

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