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Rebounds. Over 1000 blocks. You just passed 1000 games and you kid me 13 straight years of 1000 points, LaMarcus Aldridge quietly Or maybe not so quietly. Really big time players and a lot of people don't appreciate enough. I don't think Hall of Famer PJ Right there. Lobster the revenue Lian good for wood off the curl. What I think it comes down to. Sometimes with him. He's got the numbers for sure. But it was not a member that last Spurs championship team in 14 B the one thing that might hurt him, but I think he probably gets it. 53 50 Spurs Walker for three off the right wing bounces off the island drops in for Walker. Sure, just to finish that our old buddy Tom James P. R. From San Antonio, that stat. Only eight people have those numbers. We talked about eight players in the history of the MBA so that that certainly might carry it for LaMarcus Aldridge that could Macklemore Mrs. For three off the right wing and a strip here by Sterling Brown and the Rockets get it right back up before the Macklemore goes into the paint comes out blocked left one hand zipper up to the top of the ark and off the catch of three is good. Six take there by Brown Exactly. And Houston is doing a good job. Converting San Antonio's turnovers lining Walker turns it over, and Houston makes the pain. Pull up jumper wing right for two off the side of the iron rebounded by would would not let massive head round trying to recover rather that state he lost the handle's stripped and stolen by Murray. Walker. The floor leaves out front and off the catch. Kelvin Johnson in one motion lays it in young running Spurs. 58 53 now in favor of the home team. State right file on extended one to give the Tucker He'll circle around what it takes. The basketball would wing right now. Carter on the switch by Johnson keep shot clock two on the way in and out and in Down for Christian would Woods got 17 19 check that. Back. Within three. You mentioned Aldrich having 13 straight seasons with 1000 or more points. Only one other has done that. That's LeBron James. It's pretty strikes that right there, driving Johnson from the left angle tribes in and head punches. It Holden Johnson putting on a new show for us here, it's 60 to 55 Spurs. That's exactly the way pop describe him to us this afternoon, Kelvin Johnson Attacking the rim. When you say, chewing nails Takes no prisoners right to the rack. All on the play here killed in Johnson. Draws the.

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