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Good afternoon. I'm Ben Parker. Here's what's happening. At the White House today. President Joe Biden highlighting his administration's efforts to end the Corona virus crisis. We get an update now from ABC, Joe Biden of the White House, laying out his profit. 19 vaccination plan, saying there is no time to waste with 407,000 Americans dead in just one year we're in a national emergency. This time we treat it like one together the national plan as the United States of America. Biden signing executive actions to fund testing, expand vaccination, mega sites and states and also in communities of color, which suffered disproportionately from the viral plan also protects those most at risk. And works for everyone of all races. And urban and rural communities like Dr Anthony Fauci, who is staying on in his role from the previous administration, also spoke at the Daily Press briefing following the signing, saying vaccinations will need to ramp up in order to protect American says this virus mutates. So even though the virus on a 1 to 1 basis isn't more serious. The phenomenon of a more transmissible virus is something that you take seriously. Michelle Franzen ABC NEWS 4 31. As the new president settles in, what can we expect for his administration's approach to policy? ABC political director Reclined says the next four years likely will be very different when compared to President Trump. They come at this from different directions. They think about their role in different ways, and they almost diametrically opposed in so many areas of policy. In his first few hours in office, President Biden told his staff. He wants everyone to speak respectfully to one another, or they'll be fired on the spot. Governor Charlie Baker says it's time to start gradually easing the covert 19 related restrictions in Massachusetts that he placed on businesses several months ago. Starting Monday, no more 9:30 P.m. curfew in Massachusetts and Governor Baker's stay at home order will also be lifted. The changes apply to restaurants, health clubs and movie theaters. Along with other businesses. Baker sighted improving coronavirus numbers And making the announcement. Vaccines air reaching residents. Positive case rates and hospitalizations have stabilized, Those trends are moving in the right direction. As a result, we believe it's okay and it's time to start a gradual easing of some of the restrictions we put in place in the fall. Baker says. The 25% cap he placed on restaurants and other businesses in the fall will stay in place until at least February. 8 Kevin Tom, a cliff WBZ. Boston's news radio lawmakers investigating the Holyoke soldiers home massacre. Is itself in Human Services Secretary Mary Luz Sutter's telling the legislative committee. She believes a lack of preparation and support was the driving force behind the outbreak at the facility last spring that killed at least 76 Veterans of staffing study has been underway examining the workforce at the facility before the outbreak, prompted by management, labor issues and concerns over a lack of permanent staffing, Sutter says many other nursing homes were hit hard by the pandemic, but those were not as bad. Because their internal structures did not collapse for 33 time to get a check on traffic and weather together. Way. Start on the roads with Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic called the Threes. Where would you like to take us this time? Like, you know, why don't we start up to the North Here, Ben, Things really aren't so terrible. Here is we start the afternoon rush. The upper end of 1 20 Eights, actually doing quite well here from Waltham up into Wakefield in Peabody. No incidents along the way. Light volume. It's moving along steady. Same idea with Route one is you come off the top. Enbridge. He's got a pretty decent ride all the way past Lyn Phil's Parkway eventually up into Danvers and Topsfield Roots. 3 93 north. They're fine up towards the New Hampshire border. Now, let's check out the expressway now as we turn to the double DBC news, radio traffic copter. It's surprisingly good here on the expressway South found. There's a tiny little bit of a slow down at the off ramp itself. A center are on ramp. I should say South Center in Dorchester. After that, it's clear sailing until you get down around Furnace Creek Parkway. Then there's a smattering of brake lights heading down toward the Braintree split, and that's it. Kristen acting, the WBC news radio traffic copter. Yeah, Through three South is clear all the way down. Pass through 53 this afternoon. That bottom into 1 20 eights doing pretty well. I've got 17 minutes from the pipe down to 95 in Canton. Even 24 south is eased out coming down from 93 downtown. I don't see any delays it all. Of course. That's good news. If you're coming in on the lower deck or delivered down ramp, they're fine. Stroh. Dr. Looks good in and out of Lefferts Circle and the Mass Turnpike? Yeah. Also a good ride there, too. My king. Deputy busies traffic on.

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