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Final sex ever or ever so I was very happy to hear it I ruin. Knowledge is what we all acknowledge. Which is this is anybody's race. Like like Italy. Okay in the world where Sherry Pie is still in the running okay. This is a phenomenal group of Queens. All six of them are just like I mean. I know Heidi's going to get eliminated here. But goddamn she is funny and she has a star people love her and she makes you laugh and yeah she's GonNa get eliminated but who the fuck cares? She's going to have an amazing career. I think ru is just stunned at the talent level of all of these Queens. And just how good they are we get so many seasons where Rue is yelling at the Queen's and berating even just last season he made six of them lip sing right so like the fact that we are getting a final six. That is pleased that the most leasing to row. It's just you know just goes to show you that this show has come such a long way and you WANNA be on drag race. You have to bring it. You cannot just Mosey on up in their thinking that you're just GonNa win over the judge is because you're pretty or because you're simply you have to be well rounded you. GotTa you gotTa Bring Your a Game. You gotta you gotTA HAVE THE LOOK. You GotTa have your voice you gotTa have a point of view gotTa have everything you have to have a uniqueness. The nerve charisma the talent all of it and I think this sticks. Bc's Queens we have that and the editing for some of them throughout the season hasn't really shown it at all times. But I think from here to now yeah there really is a case for a lot of them to make it to the end and potentially win so yeah totally feel. I completely forgot about that. Mask of a six-way Lipman be like. Oh my God.

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