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We're gonna probably end up cutting off. Some of these names. Were already gone. a bit. long. george springer. He's a guy that You know missed a lot of this season because of injuries but as her for decently who when when he's on the field it just he hasn't been on the field seven home runs a stolen base in In twenty seven games this season. How much does him missing. Time dropping jason a quite bit and we think about part of the issue here we have a couple things in play one we have our guy signing a big contract and and rick and glenn of talk about the the smart system. We've mentioned a few times. Where they they believe in fading guys coming on the first year of a big contract because historically does a workout wellness would be another example To to add as feather in their cap for that theory the other part we have about toronto is is the different ballparks again. We'd like to have a baseline and we know what roger center is but the fact that he got. Put up some of these numbers in dunedin but put some of these numbers in buffalo And l if you wanna get cutie gut put up a game. Sort the numbers in anaheim. I believe he was still in the lineup. There before he got hurt Because that was a home game for him as a makeup game But the the issue of him getting hurt again brings back problems of if you had him in two thousand nineteen where you're like. Oh hey Because he was great. Sixteen seventeen eighteen missed a little at the time but nineteen sometime. Twenty one validates. Those concerns there you know. He was taken bright. Just outside. the top fifty is. Adp was fifty one coming into the year. I could see him being closer to one hundred than fifty and eighty p this coming year draft season only because of the concerns. You had about him coming in the twenty twenty were validated this season with him twice going on the i l. Matt where you out on springer. I don't think i move them at all A has run. I don't think you move them at all. I think that can third round pick. I know here's the thing with outfield. The more the more i look at it is mike trout injure most the year christian yelich hurt and or terrible. Most of the is heating up. Cody bellinger terrible. Most aaron injured lewis robert injured for most of the air osuna injured most of the year. Aaron judge has his own injury problems. Then you get to springer this as far as where. Adp michael conforto was just brutal. Cattle martin injured most of the year. Kevin busy proved to be no no nowhere near worth his draft spa awesomeness as his own injury. Problems victor row. Bliss was terrible. Yoder on alvarez. I don't think anyone is gonna take the injuries as seriously with him. I think he's proven to be healthy. Enough lords burial was was poor. Charlie blackmon downward trajectory stanton was injured. Buxton injured herschel. Just like that's so many of the of the top thirty outfielders where people are gonna move up but even after that you got even more injury prone guys like tommy. Fam- will myers dom smith was was not particularly great this year. Where i think. I would like to move him back except i think there's so many other people that are moving are moving back or have their own injury problems where i do think that he will be taken where he is. But i think once people evaluate where outfield is. That's maybe where elite l. filters will be taken even earlier but i think that he will kind of remain near the top. Just because i there's it's not like there's these really safe options to grab right behind him and he's still really elite when healthy so Yeah not to sound like a like a crazy person here. But i think that doesn't move as far back once i do my official rankings. Just because there's not too many people to move up. Does this mean like people will be like. I think this might like setup for like a really huge dropoff in the outfield position. Like maybe he doesn't drop so far down. The outfield ranks but he drops farther down in the overall. Yeah i could see that. I am speaking more of last year. He was taken is like the fifteenth outfielder. I'm not sure he drifts any farther than the twentieth That's kind of where i'm getting it. I think yeah the outfield. I think we'll be being drafted a little bit later. Whereas the in they'll be people definitely probably be pushing pitching up like usual So yeah that's i mean that's my take so far i i will have to dig into more of it will sell. He finishes the season two. There's a little bit more time but it's when you ask the question. I was trying to look where i move him back. And i just i had trouble finding people i would wanna move in front of them. I think that is a huge brabin. One i didn't actually when i was when i was actually racking my brain year. I'm can't when you really look at the list. It's it's hard to pull these names that you're like i definitely while i'm in front of springer there's not many yeah that that that becomes a huge problem Yeah i think. I'm probably keeping him right around where he was too But i said that you both gasp. Like i was crazy. Ya but no. You're right. I mean you look at just the outfield kind of the way it shaped up this year and it's by the fact that he's missed a ton of sixteen home runs in forty nine games like when he's been on the field he's been really really good and i wanna say prior to getting hurt. This time in this injury is supposed to be short term. Like in in the second half he in just twenty nine games. He has a little. Evan home runs and he's hitting three. Eighteen been phenomenal Earlier in the year before he went down with the second quarter hamstring. He actually didn't he still like a couple of basis with just one. I think he might think he hit a home run. He may hit a home. Run one or two home runs. And still but yeah. He just When he's healthy These beasts and he kicks though. That's the thing to me. This team is so disappointing to me because this should be so much better than it is living you. Look at him in there and Justin tweeted that in the group text. The other day mentioned like they're inexperienced youth shows in some of these games like they lose games. They have no business losing and losing the teams. They have no business losing and here they are. We're supposed to think of them like. Oh hey there a contender. But they're not they've lost. They've just given away too many games and at this point it's like all right. Play it for next year you can next year because they would need an absolute miracle to to contend this year but when you look through and see where numbers of come through like i mentioned with the with springer he hit. He's hit as many home runs at salem field as he has at rogers centre but rogers centre. He's four zero nine. Four forty nine nine thirty two. Es twelve extra-base hits at forty four at bats. Since got go in there so like to your point That he's been putting up some major damage even at salem feelings absolutely crushing it But he barely played it in. Dunedin kneeling ad eighteen plate appearances in dunedin but he put up some some massive numbers and rogers centers of you wanna extrapolate those like all right. Let's go these absolutely slugged. Nine thirty two at home next year over full season. absolutely right. yeah. I mean i just insert a gif of of charlie brown missing. The football is not. That's what this is gonna be George springer was my first true love when kit when i started when i started out as a fantasy analysts He was iraqi And i'm just gonna continue to fall for it year after year. So leads We're gonna finish out with This next guy in them will. We're going to cut off the last four. Maybe author on the the rundown for next week. The next i is christian yelich In he was mentioned before by matt Because he has been injured..

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