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C. rob Kendall it's the rob Kendall show happy us Sunday again thankfully a very peaceful weekend thus far here in the circle city and that is something we can all get behind regardless of whatever political opinion you might have an issue stick around coming up next hour I very rarely ever do this but this was so important that it we just had to make an exception connect our whole our gonna talk with Indiana Attorney General Curtis hill when this is up is really the first time he has spoken out at length a certainly a political nature since the events more than two years ago involving allegations that he inappropriately touched women and of course I mean why would you want to speak to me if you if you are trying to make a point in politics in the state course you come to rob Kendall the rob Kendall show and talked him earlier this week we played some of those clips on the chicks on the right hand or Nigel cetera but coming up next hour we're going to give you the the full thing in its entirety my conversation with Indian Attorney General Curtis L. and man he brought the heat on governor Eric Holcomb on the Indiana Republican Party certainly the establishment wing and he makes a point there is a big difference between these dudes here in Indianapolis and the rest of the entire state I'll talk about what he's been through we also get into a little bit about what's going on in our our city and state right now involving race relations protest at center it's a phenomenal conversation make sure you tune in all next hour Indiana Attorney General Curtis hill right here on ninety three W. 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C. the rob Kendall show the past yeah I guess it's been twelve weeks now right I mean it seems hardly is basic basically been twelve weeks and society was shut down by corona virus and through the twelve weeks in which the government picked winners and losers and now in the past week and a half of protests in which the government has seemingly picked winners and losers there is beginning to be a resentment that is brewing amongst many law abiding citizens regardless of their race and the resentment is brewing because they feel that they have done things the right way yet they are treated differently because of either whatever business they own or political opinion that they have and it is starting to become more and more prevalent and I'm starting to see more and more people speak openly about this look one thing we should all ask from our government whether you're a Democrat whether you're Republican whether you're a conservative whether you're a liberal and we can all have disagreements on the size and scope of government but the one thing we should expect and demand from our government is that all people be treated equally under the law we should also demand this from our justice system which is much of what the protesters claim to be marching about right they're upset about police brutality about how people are treated differently under the law center but we have seen very clearly from governor Eric Holcomb and we've seen very clearly from mayor Joe Hogsett that people are treated differently based on a variety of things I mean think about in the state of Indiana when corona virus hit businesses and companies that were allowed to stay open welcome can say science whatever anybody with an ounce of common sense real life there wasn't any science to it he was arbitrarily picking winners and losers and certain businesses were allowed to open at certain times based on what kind of business they were well if you had to feed your family he didn't care what type of business that was you just wanted to open to pay your rent and put food on your table and put clothes on your kids back but depending on what you wore and much of it may or may not have been based on if he had friends or donors that were in those businesses some lived in some died naturally that's going to breed some resentment now let's talk about the protesters think about a month and a half ago it's been maybe a little even longer than that now when a large group of people as many as five hundred by some estimates peacefully gathered on the governor's one their protest was about being able to go back to work it wasn't for a political clause it wasn't for change it was simply we just want our business open we we just want to be able to go to work they didn't want anything other than a their business is open to be able to go back more than one anything special anything different often changed just put it back the way it was remember how those people were treated by the governor when he sprinted to the microphone to condemn those people saying that they were going to spread coronavirus he even called them his words not mine a Petri dish can you imagine the arrogance of an elected official to call as fellow citizens Petri dish Eric Holcomb did it certainly wasn't proud of them wasn't patting them on the back for executing their first amendment rights is fully assembling my you're all trash picked up no traffic blocked in center and course there's very famous clips of where people are even honking as they're driving by because all citizens were very peaceful in a battle all laws Eric Holcomb certainly didn't meet with any of those people didn't Pat him on the back didn't tell him keep going didn't tell they were special com a Petri dish last four to how the protesters in the past week and a half of been treated they've been allowed to lie in the street and stop traffic they've been allowed to March in stopped traffic they've been allowed to threaten police officers here we've all seen it on tape you know after the police police should die we saw March right up to the governor's mansion blocking traffic invading the rights of law abiding citizens what happened to those people they were patted on the back by the governor they were saluted by the governor in fact governor even met with one of the leaders ended a big photo op with him I'm sure you've seen it by now governor our mayor Hogsett same thing shutting down law abiding of bars and restaurants and partner barber shops right now the big thing if you're eighty six the meridian your spelling of your ninety six meridian your your you're a good paying tax the tax paying citizen right how are the protesters treated and by the way they were told that because they were going to spread crowbars we can't have the restaurants open because we're gonna spread corona virus so if you would dare question us being Hogg said Holcomb that's us well you're a terrible person you want grandma to die you're going to kill your fellow citizen compare that to how the protesters have been treated they've been patted on the back told they're special told they're doing a great thing and you may agree with the protesters that great and fine but that's not equal treatment of government under the law the protesters of Ghana so as far as to deny Joe Hogsett orders here in Marion County member the curfew curfew the the worst curfew ever enacted in history the curfew was so weak and so worthless that the cops were openly told not to enforce it you know who did abide by the curfew though law abiding citizens protesters well they spat on that name March right past it what happened to absolutely nothing can you imagine if a restaurant in a barber shop had said no no no we're not doing that you can't tell us what to do we're opening up all you better believe the health department every law enforcement agency under the sun would have been there in a moment's notice to shut those people down in the fines would have started and people would have been arrested and if you think Joe Hogsett when the done that you're Dreamin he was so serious about it he said he blocked roads here in downtown Indianapolis of the people that died in the street yes that was Joe Hogsett dancer will allow you to dine in eighty five degree weather with flies and sun beating down on you protesters were given a Pat on the back told us okay this isn't about whether what the protesters are saying is right and wrong it's about example after example of the past twelve weeks in which people have been treated differently under the law based on what they do what kind of business they own or what their political opinion is that's wrong my friends it's not right we are a country that is great because people have all sorts of different political opinions they have all sorts of different beliefs that come from all different sorts of backgrounds owned different businesses and and different come from different walks of life then that's wonderful that's America and you know those people in Indianapolis that are marching they're protesting god bless them they can do it here and whether I agree with everything they stand for not not the point it's that people are being treated differently one because of their beliefs but to because of what government fears the reaction would be and we would be naive and foolish and kidding ourselves if we didn't think that was a big part of it right governor Eric Holcomb he knew those people to peacefully protest on his lawn a month and a half ago he knew they pick up after themselves he knew they'd obey the law he knew they'd be nice and peaceful what destroy anything so his response well it's gonna be a big tough guy and condemn them and call them human Petri dish can you can you imagine anything more insulting to single person than to call them a human Petri dish you're literally calling a person a virus my goodness but then with the protesters that he was concerned wouldn't obey the law were clearly breaking curfew we had shown they they they they were not going to abide by rules and regulations he patted them on the back and told them their special America is great because you have the right to your own opinion you have the right to freely and peacefully exercise that opinion and god bless you for doing that but what we all should demand whether you're black or white whether you're a liberal or conservative whether you are a Republican or Democrat is that our man or woman or whatever whatever the difference is in us we all should demand that government treat us equally under the law as one government starts picking winners and losers as it has for the past twelve weeks be it through corona virus for these protests we are all equal and that's what at least the protesters claim in many cases they're working towards ninety three W. IBC rob Kendall show ninety three W. I. T. C. a man climbed the soldiers and sailors monument wouldn't come down for a while there for more than four hours fees also been sprayed on the monument needs to be cleaned professionally the news this is outstanding what's happened today three million jobs gained incredible enjoy the Lexus Confederate monuments stood in.

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