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So we'll see what happens with this election, and what the state board of elections has to say. And there's always the possibility that the state board of elections could call for a new election if they find that there were electoral fraud, which is ironic because they always think that electoral fraud is happening on the left. But this is an example of the opposite. Yeah. I mean, this is fascinating. For for a couple of reasons, I think the first is that based on these what are often unfounded suspicions of sort of in person, voter fraud or voter impersonation. We saw the same state North Carolina pass a voter ID amendment. That is projected to disenfranchise two hundred eighty one thousand people in the state at the ballot in the same election as a major case of election fraud was happening. But it was happening via absentee ballots. Right. And oftentimes when we think about these voter ID laws and these other attempts to suppress the vote. They actually don't involve absentee ballots. They are targeting folks who show up to vote in person, and require you to present a photo ID and other proof of citizenship, and all these other types of documentation, but what we see here happening appears to be a case of absentee ballot fraud. And I think that has to be a part of this conversation. It's particularly interesting when we see on the Republican side of things Republican officials doing this. And this wasn't the first time that similar irregularities have been found in that county. This actually went back this affected the primary on this evidence. This goes all the way back to two thousand sixteen and so there's something's going on there that needs to be investigated. And it's definitely something that none of the sort of strict voter ID laws that are being passed. They're actually Craig substantial burdens for people of color devoting. None of those things. Would actually impact this. This is something that the state will have to investigate and deal with and ho folks accountable, and to that point as you mentioned Clint, I actually wasn't aware that the state board of elections was able to call for a new election and looking at the statute, it's fascinating the language of the statute because it says that the state board may order a new election upon agreement of at least five of its members in the case of any one or more of the following. And then there's a number of conditions one of which is that eligible voters sufficient in number to change the outcome of the election were improperly prevented from voting. So like, I didn't even know that they had the authority to say if we based on I don't know what the evidentiary requirements are can show that enough voters were prevented from voting that it would have changed the outcome of the election that we can hold another election. And I'm just wondering are these statutes more widespread? How many states have these for example, does Georgia have this? And if so I mean, you could make a pretty compelling case that enough eligible voters were prevented from voting. In places like Georgia and Florida that it affected the outcome of the election. And I'm wondering whether that avenue is being pursued. Whether these types of laws are also in place in those states because that could be a potential avenue to address voter suppression. The only thing at is is at one of the things that's most striking about this is that the board voted seven to two not certify the result. So this is not a straight vote down. Party lines are two of the Republican members of the board are actually in alignment with the Democrats and saying like this actually just doesn't make sense. And I think that that is actually really powerful in the context of this because I plants it it's like a little bit over nine hundred votes that is would decided this race for so many people this election was the first election. They understood they voter suppression in real time. I think that people are heard it before just like people heard about our audience that's bad and people heard about voter suppression. But they were like, I don't really know what that looks like. And then we thought happen all across the country..

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