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Central Show Guest Hall of Famer and Barbecue Hall of Famer are both in again. He's talking more Turkey. Also some Apples and thanksgiving. Thanks giving generalities talk as well. Make sure your subscribe to the podcast or let me lead off with this. There's probably all going to get to if you listen to the show last week you heard my Texas embedded correspondent flowed out that Johnny trigg might not have cooked the WF F- CIBC a portion of the contest and that Jd Henley from Buckshot. Barbecue was the one that actually did the cooking at that time. I didn't realize that smoking triggers had won the IBCA portion of that whole world championships contest. At once I learned that a number of questions surface and I started really digging and see if I could get some confirmation on who the actual cook for that team was touch the number of teams and other insiders all confirming that they were hearing similar rumor but no one was able able to give me a one hundred percent confirmation one way or the other. So this past Sunday I reached out myself to JD. Henley for clarification Asian also probably around the same time Texas and buddy correspondent Doug Shining had also reached out to jd. and Monday afternoon. We got the following being statement if you will some JD. And I'm just paraphrasing because I had Talked to Doug on the phone. So it's not a written quote. But what I'm paraphrasing. I helped Johnny Cook the that portion of the world food championships and this is the most important part. It was not mcandrew. You are not. It was not a secret it was not being kept on the down low so as it was rumoured. And he was there the entire time that being J. D. J. D. did not show up under the cover of darkness. Late Thursday was also rumored he was there from the beginning all the way through until the end. He was there to help. Johnny there were I guess they they were both cooking together. this is not and again I would like to say this is not. What an instance where somebody is passing off somebody else's work and getting the win in the glory and prior to getting that statement I talked to some other sources who had seen jd the and Johnny cooking together at some other events this year as well so now the seems to fit together and we can just leave this item alone? But here's what I can tell you. Well this story winds up being nothing and it had to be a pretty major event. Why because you potentially had a hall of fame pitmasters who's widely loved and known in the industry not just by other cooks but by the general public as well and his spot where a contest was won and where he wasn't the one doing the cooking and to me? That's a big the deal on many levels. The good news is that it's cleared as nothing more than a misunderstanding. And that's why the show didn't recklessly start posting.

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