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Eight five five two one two four CBS. Are you rooting for Duke eight five five two on two four CBS? Do you believe dukes? Go to a national championship game this year or you taking the field. And also give me a coach in college basketball that you're rooting for as we get ready for the NC double A tournament as we finally reached election Sunday, we went through a bunch of coaches in the last segment tumor coaches that I'll root for NATO tes coach buffalo with Bobby Hurley was able to do there at buffalo. And then it's been continued by NATO to something very special. And then also Matt McMahon the head coach Murray stated we had on yesterday. Those are going to be too trendy picks. I think when you start to look for upsets, and we'll start to see actually in terms of seating NATO and bubbles being. So they're going to be a favourite a lot, you know in the game the first game that they play. However, the buffo could be a trendy pick to the Sweet Sixteen and. Maybe Murray state wall with John Mirant who could be the second overall pick in the NBA draft coming up this summer. Let's start things off in Cleveland will go to Abe. I on CBS sports radio. Abe. What's going on? Hey, what's up, Zac? Love listening to you. Thank you. What you got from it? So I just thinking I I thing I I'm gonna take Duke or the field. I think this team got one two and three prospects. It's like it's almost like the Golden State Warriors in the NBA. They could just flip the switch just like that are playing against Syracuse is turned out like that. And they Don. Actually down by huge amount. And they've got an you've then I then I have to refer Duke being a bulls fan. I gotta I'm hoping that they can get somebody off of the Duke and sticking to do for the coaches question. I mean, I respect greatness. I may have to go with Mike machosky. Yeah. You know, it's tough to you know, when you have my the best go the sports, so they're not really going on a limb there, but yeah. Coach gays definitely one of the coaches that's easy to root for and this team to me there's some years ago. I don't want to see them win as someone that's neutral here. And I don't care if dukes playing great if they're playing poorly the Duke team to me this year is the fun storyline. Now, here's Duke and Golden State, Golden State. They lose a game. It's not a problem. Duke loses a game. They're going home. You to six games the NCAA tournament. And if you lose one you're done and the one and done style NBA at least have some room where you could lose the game two or three in the tournament or in the playoffs. Just can't lose four and a series. So it's big there. Conrad in Milwaukee next up on CBS, sports radio Conrad. What's up? Yeah. Just want to names in the hat and one you're going to have to help me with one of coach K assistance is coaching Marquette right now having a heck of a season. Steve Steve O J hausky the coach of Marquette. I honestly think that he's I it's a good. You know, he's done a heck of a job with that with that program in the last couple of years, and I think they're going to try to make a good push them a heck of a lot of good shooters. And then Greg guard from old you w you know, he's got a potential Naismith winner on his team. And you know, they need. I don't think they're going to go too far. But if they go Sweet Sixteen then it gets real special, and and I really hope just for having a heck of a career for Wisconsin breaking all sorts of records. It'd be great to see them into an elite eight I don't know if the final four, but my my I think it is about Duke this year in in the heck of a I haven't seen a great do team. Like this since I was rooting really hard for JJ Radic. That's all I got later. Appreciate a Conrad. Thank you for making the phone. Call is always here, we go the triumphant return of hippie in south beach, Miami hippie, good morning how. Are you? First of all, I love. Williams wants to play basketball when Kevin Durant where the school yards and play with the kids throwing. Timeout. Nineteen years old. That's awesome part resign Williamson 'cause he could've done the money situation. Think about the economics. Play. I'd be the number one. Exactly. He's the kids. He's bedtime and his wife. College. I I knew this guy at I for whatever reason I was at Brooklyn university when there's a school that's on map, and I used to know this point guard there and. It was just amazing how these people treated like kings in college. They're the stars. And it doesn't matter how big or how small the campuses when you're an athlete and people go watch you play. You're the star of the campus. People wanna see, and that's why it's so cruel. Coach kerry. Cold in all basketball. He coached the US team Olympic team because all without any the job. He just wins wins with one motivational speech. I think the greatest motivational speech, I suppose. I don't I I heard too winners. And that well, I gotta tell you. The biggest story personally to me. This whole week. What I do. I'm a friend of mine in. W. I showed up. Yeah. Did a show this week there? Zac that was like time travel. You. Endorsed in on that station. Very well. Big time every week for a couple of years that's all so people ragging up in Boston that well hippie. Actually, I was thinking about you. Because you talk about winners. I was the winner. Not because I did a show there this week, which it was fun. I was the winner though because two weeks ago, I had Joe's stone crab for dinner. I was in Miami. That's a great food and Juno. Shown crabs are only a little short season. Yeah. You. If I didn't know that. But that's the fact if I had the lobster MAC and cheese I had the front. Ooh. Shrimp ahead. The stone crabs. It was awesome. He frees him everywhere in the country right now back except me in Miami. And I just don't understand why everyone who's called. That and calm. Leading spot and enjoy your life every day. It will be all the love. Thank you for making the phone. Call hippie was on fire actually tonight. Sometimes they'll make some points and you'll go. See all here tonight. That was one of his better calls. I'll tell you hippie must be studying up. And he was he was like an Ivy league type of student right there. They talk about in politics, and I'm not trying to get partisan or anything that a lot of times when they go into debates. They try to set the expectations low that when they performed people like oh my God. Can you believe the performance? It's kind of how we're grading hippie here. And I love him. I love him to death. But you know, when you set the bar, so low so many times, and he come and you're just a great caller. And you're just there then all of a sudden you'd think oh my God. What a great call maybe hippie got paid from somebody else to get into an institution, and he paled bit more attention the last few weeks. He wasn't calling us, and he learned something going to college. Or maybe he's being paid by somebody else to compliment you all the time. Who knows are you saying I'm not saying anything, I don't dive into conspiracy theories. I'm just so out so our hippie and Brown on my payroll 'cause those guys get compliments more than anybody. Sometimes. I question it. I question. I'll let me let you down a little secret. If I am paying someone money to make a compliment about I've acquit doing this job. I have money to spend on a lot more important things. Like what I'm going to have for dinner. Future cars future house future apartment in New York City from going to move into a few months. I mean living in New York City. You think I could have a house n? Future houses. Hartman, I. Yeah. Okay. I thought you were trying to tell me a house ended apartment. No, I'm not that wealthy. So you think I'm gonna pay hippy or Brown who probably require a big fee money to say positive things about me. When I'm also a few months going to be paying New York City rent, which is out of this world ridiculous. Well, let me stop you right there hippie requiring a big fee. I'm sure a six pack of beer, and you know, he's one of the best sides. Car callers ever. He's tight with all the host across the country. I hear him on Dan, Patrick, Mike francesa, I hear him on Colin coward. I hear him on Tiki and Tierney. Hippies everywhere. What you'll hear happy that much? No. But if he wants to listen to people that matter, then you should probably just keep it locked right here on CBS sports radio and called Jim Rome in the mood. Scotty ferrall. Okay. Bill writer hippy and ferrall would really hit it off. I feel like yeah. I don't know about that one. You don't know, you don't think so. I thought they would. Let me go to the two hundred and fifty four th pick. Eleventh round in let me see what year. This was. This was the one thousand nine hundred seventy five baseball draft. That's the great Geraldine, Houston, Gerald. Go ahead, my friend. How are you doing? I think the rounds right. By the way. Did I get that information writers? Yes. Yes. Yes. First base. Right. First round. And I wouldn't eleventh round. I was pretty good player. If you had a better agent you would have been in the top five rounds. Yeah. That's right. I learned from that situation. Let me say something you can ask when you when you speak of coach K, and you speak of these great coaches that big schools then TWA tournament, and my I've always thought was for everyone to have the same opportunity to win. And we both had. No, that's not true. And we give these accurately to these coaches like they so great and Phil Jackson, which always didn't think he was decorated coach found that. When he went to New York is the talent around you. I looked at the USA today. Top high school players and Duke got four of them. I believe I can coach if I can get the top four of the top five high school players come to my school. But they don't always win. Calipari doesn't win every year. I didn't say when I say get those players do doesn't win every year but do pass opportunity. That's Kentucky to get those players. And what it what would happen? If Calipari went to a Texas southern law school like that where you really how about when he was that you massive Memphis, and you saw all those schools went on probation to. No they did. And you know what? Hey, that's the system of college basketball at personally, I understand that it's against the rules..

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