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Dave what's with chris eating the day risk you can see there's the little in the in the news room they have little birthday spread for the monthly birthdays was it delivered do so gsm crackers salami in there as the photos salaam here els lama jews records yeah like olsen rows of government shutdown lose ride as we wept as might have had at all have you ever it offers almost almost yup yup good well that sounds yet i'm i'm kinda hungry i'm not sure what emini today i've been grazing in there every time i run done all in bad now you're grazer a totally am measures what do you remember back you know it's sad virus want to start by saying this sadly this next this topic zhang up in our food fit fun segment here is reality for a fair number of people in the united states may that really are hungry and i i hope you find it you know donate a bag groceries gift food bank help out with merely project homeless connect something like that a meals on wheels any of those groups organised asians there are people that go hungry and i'm not just talking about poor college students because that's or is it they have this listing was on reddit called struggle meals for people to share there's do you remember being a poor college kid dave oh yeah where you're like i remember being a poor radio producer too yes exactly scraping the bottom of the barrel try and come up with a red it had a thread on this i thought it was the role of an more rahman road well that's like the first one the college diet so one of the people responsible what was the worst struggle meal well i used to buy those is a quote from somebody i used to buy those dried rahman containers we just add hardware there's timed her may twenty eight in surround of about five times per week for a year at least fight i i had roommate's it goes that was they had like stacks nearby like the giant pack of the rahman noodles yup an i never i couldn't eat them i couldn't stand the.

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