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Emma Craddick presidential hopeful Kirsten Gillibrand races because I need to meet with people of color responding Nancy Cortez says the attacks and brought together a divided Democratic Party for now tweets definitely gave Democrats are common target bought the internal conflict within the party is probably not going to subside anytime soon even after speaker policy came to the defense of those for women hello see herself criticize the women's week after they voted against an immigration bill and then slammed a fellow Democrats who had voted for it democratic presidential hopeful former vice president Joe Biden is set to unveil a new health plan today CBS is at Keith is in the morning light is plan would cost about seven hundred fifty billion dollars over the next decade I would provide a public option if needed it would allow Americans to import cheaper drugs from overseas and the plan would be paid for in part by ending the trump tax cuts new polling shows the president trailing Biden Sanders Warren and harass people in New Orleans are thankful they were spared the watery wrath of hurricane Barry out as a glass that's is giving us life kept us safe healthy and together Barry is now a tropical depression moving north tornado and flash flood warnings are posted across the Gulf coast new research shows tougher gun laws save young lives the details from CBS's Vicki Barker the study in the journal pediatrics finds children living in states with strict gun control laws are less likely to die from gun violence than those in states with fewer restrictions and the tougher the laws the lower the risk even in those states where the laws are strict but gun ownership levels are high the study authors noting that an evidence based and data driven approach is the only way to combat what they are calling a public health epidemic Deborah a message to parents from the C. E. O. of jewel labs maker of best selling E. cigarettes.

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