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They were flesh Lii. And Paul uses two different Greek words for karnal or flesh lay in this context, the first Sarkin NAS is a word that emphasizes the substance or makeup of the person. And the second Sarka Coss is a word that emphasizes the nature which dominates the person the first great words seems to focus on what flesh Linus is, and the second seems the focus on. How fleshless axe to state, the point clearly, the Carinthian church was a church made up of karnal people who were living, Colonel lives, and acting out there. Flushless spirituality, did not dominate the church Colonel. Any dominated the church. The Corinthians were karnal. These were people who went to church. But they were totally dominated by their flesh. They were not dominated by things of the spirit of God. They were any true church. They did truly know the Lord but they were not spiritual. And I must have broken God's heart to classify, one of his churches as being so Colonel. But that's the way it was in the church of Corinth, which brings us to the second question, who is Carmel verse one says, brethren could that speak, the US dispirito men, but as to Colonel men or meta flesh as to infants in Christ to important words from verse one indicate that those who are karnal are truly believers in Jesus Christ? First of all, he uses the noun brethren, and I- brethren, and Secondly, he uses the preposition phrase in Christ at the end of the verse karnal believers, or Colonel people are truly safe people in fact, as we've already learned, these who those who are unsaved were classified as natural man. Not carnal men. The main distinction between a Colonel person and an unsafe person is not their lifestyle. It's the dwelling of the Holy Spirit. And even though these Corinthians were karnal they were still saying there flesh Lee sin, did not cause them to forfeit. Their eternal salvation as Dr Richard linski said, thank God, they were at least truly converted by Paul's preaching because they certainly hadn't spiritually matured under his preaching, those who were karnal were those who are truly saved. Those were involved in church, but they were going to church, totally dominated by their flesh Colonel people in the church may have a certain amount of knowledge, they may be extremely gifted and talented, but they are not dominated by the spirit of God. They're dominated by their own flesh, and they want to dominate others karnal, people are saying people in the church, who deepen their hearts are not controlled.

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