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We'll tell you he's about to get a run for his money all that and more in this hour of get up on. Espn we are back on. Get up but it is time for our favourite games. The masks slinger starring amassing himself mark sanchez quarterback battles who you got brady brees this weekend. Mark i'm taking. Tom brady and i know it's because of abc but hold on a second look at this big target. Who's finally getting the active on this team. And that's big eighty seven rob gronkowski. They figured it out. And i think part of this took a little time. It was going to take some weeks to understand that gronk is good at seem routes over route corner routes and quick play actions. They're finally utilizing him. The right that's why they've been so successful next team folds or ten a hill mark got. I gotta go with tannehill. He's just been so consistent for me this year. Listen he's thrown Let's see here. He's got seventeen touchdowns and only three interceptions. He takes care of the ball so well that that's opposed to nick foles. He's had eight touchdowns and seven interceptions in limited action. But listen they have such a good running game Henry is on pace essentially to rush for like sixteen hundred yards. That's you help for the quarterback. I see tannehill lightning. How about tour or cuyler had to who you got. This is a tough one. I love the way place. But i'm going to go with two. He got his licks last week. Especially from aaron donald. He woke up. He figured out what the nfl's all about and you can't figure it out all in one week but he's going to be ready to play he's got something to prove. He was awfully sharp and he showed flashes of being great last week..

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