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Is on a house i grew up in inventor of either very well red man about alternative new sources of things he's been telling me over the last several years is there is eight hundred million metric tonnes of pesticides put in the ground out in california which it it turns out our food is now being not only roane and toxic soil but it has gotten so far down into the water table that there is more mercury and a glass of water them there is no for mamunur which is a big reason why a lot of people out callahan horner getting stomach cancer blatty bladder cancer and other kinds of cancer and i want to see what your guest have say about what about the water table curie well yeah the us geological society has found down as scientists working for us government have found quite satan other agricultural chemical and you know i it and water supplies all across the country in you know including in our drinking water in california is a very big agricultural state obviously a lot of our fruits and vegetables come from california and they use a lot of chemical than it gets into the water and um i don't know specifically about how much mercury might be in a glass of water versus a thermometer but um i certainly think it's reasonable for people to be concerned um because these chemicals are in our water it's not really disputed rebecca it's also a cla homo first time caller rebecca thank you for calling all yes we a lien who died of uh an unusual we learned d e n armor eight arab aid and probably ever get to control we and guy also have a bird aren't buying party the villages dine learn earth the birds are dying well here's the question there how do we know what's the chemical may be it is but how do we know kyrie without the proof how do we know exactly that's eight five that's the question and farmers really are on the front lines because they are in a pesticide sort of driven independent foodproduction system pushed by my monitor pod dow basf and others they're using an array of these wrong that are linked to a host of diseases and.

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