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That's going to have the ball so you're working on your WanNa one moves spin moves eurosteps so on a song and I'm not against that but I think you have to understand your role in MBA in. Who's on your team if you play with James Harden you know you're not gonNa have the bomb of your hands unless you Russell Westbrook if you play with Lebron Lebron is not gonNA play off the ball so you have to find a way to make sure that you can stand for him if you master knocking down shots you Lebron. He's GonNa get you open. Looks he's GonNa make you a lot of money so you know it's just one of those things I think everyone should at least put up two to three hundred. Catch shoot. Three's every summer at the minimum. Even if you play the ball hands a lot and if you don't for five hundred I like like you said it's now it's three for two as you said earlier in the podcast two. And if you don't understand that you need to go ahead and develop that outside today you're going to be left behind and that's GonNa be a shame for waste your talents and what could have been a long MBA career. Because you're gonNA find yourself out of the league faster rather than go ahead and stay in there much longer. So yeah there was one of those things so right now. We're going to go ahead into number eight under countdown for the top ten shooting guards headed to the NBA draft number eight have cj out of Washington state. He's a guy that probably had a little higher on this list coming into the season he didn't shoot the ball as well In a sophomore year as he did his freshman year. But I'm GonNa just take a gamble and say that was a one year thing. He really didn't shoot the ball at all this year. Shot below forty percent from the field only thirty four percent from three compared to forty one percent that he shot his freshman year. What I like about him is he's a wing but he rebounds like a big Nearly rebounds a game gets a couple steals a game and I'm I'm a believer in his shooting. I just think that he he had off year. But he's the guy that I would like even if I'm the Lakers using that I would love to have because I believe that a mind stock in him. As a shoe he shuttled for eighty percent from the free throw line. And if you're one of those people that believes free throw shooting is a good indication of how you develop as a three point shooter. I'm buying stock into jail. And that's something that's well people have to look at is like you said. The statistics have bared out that somebody who shooting well free throw is more than likely can develop that shot from the three-point range to an adequate level also as well the steals from defensive standpoint. I know John Hollander was on chat. Ford's podcasts again. The other day and noted that steals. Unless you're on a college team or a Euroleague team that full court press is all the time steals is an indicator to them. Gm's or people that look at analyze data whatnot. That steals is often. Ain't an indicator of defensive ability of a certain individual. I agreed to a certain extent. But then you may have guys that gamble all the time in the passing lane. And then make it to stills again gambling but they may give up eight points but then guys who if they get their stills because they have excellent hands like Iran are tests then. I think that's where it may translate a little more but I I do think steals amd blocks I think there are some guys that can pad their stats like is that. They only chase blocks on the defensive end of the floor. So they they. They're out of position or they just stay close the rim so they can try to block shots and they give up. Mid-range Jumpers uncontested jumpers. I do think some ways steals blacks can be empty stats but I guess you have to watch the film and look at the stats as opposed to just look at the numbers and that watching the film because I think Alan Iverson for example was the guy that got Lonsdale's but he gambled in the passing lanes but he also had tumbled behind them for br Rondo in his heyday was a good on ball. Defender the later on as he got older which we are very familiar with now. The Lakers just gambles on steals a lot and doesn't stick to on defense so you're right. That could be an indicator but I was found it interesting that he said that on a recent chat for podcast that were indicated for him when he was a working in the Front Office for the Memphis Grizzlies that that was an indicator as far as defense alliance because there but again ultimately the tape and the videos is that tate's virtually everything you gotta see wearing context that lies and all that so. I agree hundred percent slow number seven. We're down to number seven on your list of the top ten shooting guards in NBA draft. Would you got at lucky number? Seven number seven have alagic Hughes at Syracuse. I think he fits more so of the mode as a score than a shooter. He's also twenty two so as I mentioned earlier. Who Know How? People feel about twenty two year olds. But he's had A. He had a good year average by nineteen points. A game shot remit thirty three He's a pretty decent passer six six. He's more solve than traditional nineties. Shooting Guard star player. But he's a guy that if he could be one of the players that we talked about that really develops and a corner. Three becomes more consistent outside shooter from three. I think it will open up the the scoring ability that he has so. I and I'm a believer in it. I think that that's something that he can do. I'm Musica the free throw shooter so I think they can knock down open threes and complement of Guy. So that's why have alleged Hughes at number seven. Does it concern you at all like you said? He's a good free throw shooter but does it concern. You're all if he's in the thirties at the three point lane. Now which is I putting context. Three Point area is in college. A little bit shorter than the NBA. Three point line so that that always concerns me. I mean we talked to in the past about other players who shot well from the three point line in college that to me. I think translates a little better because to me. It's about statistical averages in the distance from the basket of that's the case. I mean if you're shooting the thirty percent range with thirty five percent ranch now does that translate into the low thirties from an MBA standpoint. What I think you also have to Pay attention to the shots. And that's why I think the film is so much more important because even if you look at the NBA for example. And if I'M NOT MISTAKEN. Lonzo ball shot. A higher percentage from three luke adopts. Yeah he was at forty in the abuse like he was in the forties right and but in the NBA. Lonzo shooting open catches shoot Jumpers Lucas Shooting? Step back contested. Threes off the ball but you look at percentage wise. Lonzo's shooter but at who'd you rather have as your shooter and so I think with Elijah Hughes. His percentages like thirty four percent. But I think he's because he's a score. He took a lot of contested in the shot clock. Threes as opposed to someone feeding him the ball or you know getting wide open looks so that's fine but I think that his percentage is it can rise because he may not have to take the same shots in the NBA because he was a primary source of the offense for Syracuse. Yeah he's definitely a score for sure. So do you have a number six for the countdown right now for the top ten shooting guards in the NBA draft number? Six is a is a guy that he's Kinda like CJ L. LV. That I thought would have a sophomore year wasn't as good as his freshman year but I really like him as a shooter. And it's I think we've talked about him before but Isaiah Joe out of Arkansas quick trigger. He shot forty one percents from three as a freshman it went down to about thirty. Four percent this year Very skinny may he's like listed as six five eighty so he'll definitely need to bulk up but he's a guy that I think that has his game fits the modern NBA. He gets still. So I think Hollinger were like him and He can shoot off the ball as far as like on movement. You can cook screens. Catch a shoot and He's he's a guy that I really liked again. I'm I'm buying stock in his just buying stock his shooting long term. I think he had off year shooting this year and Was He was his volume a lot more. Because I would assume would be a more. I don't know how much for the I I'm not looking at stats directly. Well as a freshman. It was forty-one percent this year he's played actually played less. They play more minutes here as far as like minister game but I want to say it was a new coach. If I'm not mistaken as a new coach show Actually it was I can't think of his name out of my head coach Nevada to coach in the NBA. All Muslim Muslims yet yet he. He attempted ten threes the game this year. So he's got thirty four percent on ten threes game as a freshman To eight but he's a specialist and he has a role he knows his role and I think last year I'm looking at the numbers last year. He to ten point was freshman. I'm sorry to ten and a half shots game. Eight were threes this year around fourteen shots a game ten threes. So I guess they're similar but he just did not shoot the ball as well and another reason is because he when everybody's Scouting Report Issue. Ishii believe that will freshman he also had Daniel gaffer his freshman year who commanded not tension as roller But He has he on everybody's down report you know you can't give them any looks because he'll make it but I think that like I said I. I believe that has long term role as shooter. I think he's GonNa be ineffective high thirty forty percent shooting. Nba arrived at the only reason. I'm saying those questions because I'm asking those questions. Hopefully that a lot of these other individuals that are scouting and looking out them out there and looking at him and looking at seeing. It's making sure that if he might be somebody of interest in right. It looks like since he's got onto the team at Arkansas's both in his freshman sophomore year. It looks like he's been used to a high volume of three so I'm just. It's kind of concerning when that goes so dramatically down obvious. The there was a something that went. Maybe different style offense like you said Muscleman came over Daniel Gifford left there so those variation factors that created that. But when you have that type of percents less and I know we're focusing on the three-point areas but I know he's probably got some other skills that interest you well. Yeah but I like him as a defender. I think he has a similar body style or body type past tense Ferguson. On he's not as athletic as terrence. The Not a lot of people are but terence doesn't always show his athleticism against it doesn't necessarily translate on on the floor but as far as like a guy that can like navigate around screens. Sometimes being skinny is good. Because if you're chasing guys around screens or you can slide through the screens. And and he's a guy that I've I've I like his potential as a defender especially because he's good in the passing lanes and But he has a specific skill. Set that you know that from him every night he knows that he's a threat and you know the gravity that he'll provide on the floor and like you said he's used to heavy stream of passes headed his way at three point area rather someone who might have some good stats in college but as only taken like one or two or three shots a game from the area. He's used to going it time and time and time and time again shooting from that three board area that that a lot of other players may not have type experience when you're shooting forty percent shooting thirty five to forty percent from the three area you and you're shooting at a high volume that to me is much more intriguing than someone who shoots if maybe once or twice. A game from the people in area makes at forty forty five percent. Because you can see if you're used to that kind of volume yet. His role in college will be his role in the NBA. And so I think that's important is is that there's not gonna be any adjustments of how he plays is far on offense in between NBA in college and he may not get ten three point attempts again but you never know the NBA's exactly.

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