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And like he call up always afer rare who was one of the great academy award winners and cyrano de bergerac nominated from run ruash big star on broadway he was happy to come to work i said why did you take the job joe he said well i got four kids in college uh yeah it's touching the shares those people and faulty to as we said before also members in oh dan daily was perfect for the role of tolson now a picture with rodrick crawford but they came to me and they said uh dan daily has failed a medical exam are they want insure him so you have to give somebody else and i said i'm not going to go back to dan daily at wonderful trooper who did all those movies with betty gray balloon everything i'm not going to go back and tell him he can't have the part because he can pass the insurance i central forget about the insurance for the whole picture we're not going to ensure anybody i'm not going to tell dan daily he can't be insured so he came went and did the foty did a fine job and he saved the picture because when we got to washington nobody wanted the letter shoot in any of the locations because of the controversy about jay go hoover and then we got a call from the white house and and betty ford who is the vice president's wife was a huge fan of dan's a the hour of she'd been a former boris girl and she wanted to end early and broderick crawford to come to the white house for lunch with her and kissinger and the president and vice president rockefeller and i close the picture down and and while they were there i called everybody in washington and said we want to shoot at your location but we can't do it tomorrow because the stars are having lunch at the white house with the president and i got permission i got permission from everybody to shoot at the locations i wanted all because of dan daily and danielle they wouldn't have been there if i had kicked him off the picture become couldn't get insurance as a nice ordered a good deed and the good deed came back you know and i guess that was a last picture the dan ever may now and he was a lovely guy and broader crawford drunk barrick robert crawford.

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